Day 2711: What you own

Today, I am owning

  • my mistakes,
  • my wounds,
  • how I have wounded others,
  • my power,
  • my internalized isms (racism, sexism, ageism, antisemitism, etc.), and
  • these photos.




What do you own?

I continue to own gratitude for all of you.



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24 thoughts on “Day 2711: What you own

  1. I would own that food and cat too!❤

  2. Earlier today I was looking through my fairly large coin collection, mostly coins from other countries, and thinking about how money, in its physical form, represents the people who share it–the culture, the community, and the ideals of each country. I also think about how much better the world would be if the ownership were more evenly distributed.

  3. All of what you own, I own, except for the photos!

  4. I don’t own much
    I don’t owe much
    I share what I have
    I have respect and love……

    • I love and respect what you own and share, Ivor!

      • Thank you Ann, sorry I’ve not been around so much,.. Isolation has been a struggle for me… at my age, and living by myself…. 😊🤗

  5. I own who I am and that’s good enough

  6. I own a lot of fond memories of your blog posts and photos of Oscar. Sending love to your kitty.

  7. everything we own is temporary, so not worth too much time and energy if they come and go. but, that doesn’t stop us from doing so. like you, we can choose to own up to things, to own things for a while, and to let go what we don’t want to own anymore.

  8. I have long considered everything I own to be on loan

  9. I own my place in the big picture and the little picture, Ann.

    • Thanks for owning your place in the big picture and the little picture, Mark, and making them both better.

  10. I agree, the ‘own’ is on loan.

  11. I own me. (●මᴗමσ)σணღ*

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