Day 2710: Beliefs

My belief in the topic of today’s post is inspired by this:


What do you believe that means?

My belief, here and now, is that beliefs, unless constantly questioned and reexamined in the light of new experiences and awareness, might become rigid beliefs — too “strong” to allow for growth, change, and adaptation.

I wonder what beliefs you might find in my other images from yesterday.

I believe that I forgot to take a photo of Michael’s meal last night, which was so delicious that I was too busy eating it. However, I believe you might enjoy my describing it: tilapia with coconut milk on asian noodles and bok choy.

Here‘s “One Belief Away” by Bonnie Raitt:

My strength is my own belief in the power of gratitude:


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23 thoughts on “Day 2710: Beliefs

  1. I believe that you should start hiring out Michael’s cooking skills!

  2. Yes, tilapia with coconut milk and bok choy over Chinese noodles is enough to make me believe I should do something similar tonight! And yes, beliefs that are not taken into the light of day occasionally and examined for the current validity can become stagnant and “rigid” for sure. I believe you’re right on that!

  3. I do love Bonnie Raitt. And I’d like to be in your house most nights for dinner.

  4. I can’t be certain of anything but there are things I believe and things I know. I believe we will get through these difficult times because I know having a positive attitude is what got me through my own challenges.
    I also believe it would be great to talk to Bonnie Raitt because I know from interviews she’s as smart and funny as she is talented.

  5. I believe what I believe and I know what I know, sometimes they overlap other times I am in the dark about everything

    • I can’t believe that you are ever in the dark about EVERYTHING, Jo-Anne. Thanks for sharing your beliefs here.

  6. it’s good to take a look at our beliefs every so often, to see if they still hold true for us. if not, time to let them go, if yes, live by them.

  7. I believe in kind people like you.

  8. I believe I can fly! ♡♡♪♪⋛⋋(◐⊝◑)⋌⋚⊹♪♪ ♡♡

  9. I believe you will work hard to make things better every day, Ann.

  10. Little tigers missing! Need their presence to meow into the future!

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