Day 2708: Life Choices

Every day, we make life choices which affect outcomes in ways we might not expect. Some of us are privileged enough to have more choices than others.

Today, I’m making the choice to share all these moments of my life from yesterday:













I like life choices that Jimmy Kimmel made on his show on Friday night.

My life choices always include gratitude, so thanks to all who visited this blog, here and now.


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20 thoughts on “Day 2708: Life Choices

  1. Sometimes, the life choices we make for ourselves feel inadequate to solving a larger problem.

  2. Not being an American, I generally try to reserve my comments about statements made by the elected president even though I have kids who live there and an American grandchild. But it seems as though he has told Americans that it is a federal crime to cross state lines to protest racism (if the protest turns violent), and has also instructed the police to shoot people. There is hardly a more powerful sign of the need for change than the president’s response to the distress and anger of American citizens, except for the sight of police firing teargas and rubber bullets at demonstrators and journalists who are trying to get out of their way.

  3. I question my own life choices regularly, and I wonder if I’m doing enough, or even what I could be doing to make the world a better place.

    • (continued since I made the mistake of hitting enter too soon)
      I haven’t taken part in any protests and wonder how I should speak up. One thing I don’t question is whether I should speak up. People of color in this country have been disproportionately harmed by COVID-19 and continue to be subjected to too much violence by police, and that needs to stop.

    • Thank you for these choices, Chris. ❤

  4. That is one mighty powerful video of “Before you call the cops”!

  5. Not everyone has the same Life Choices.
    That is wrong.
    Society is wrong.
    We are wrong.
    I am wrong.

  6. Life choices?????????????
    I choose life that’s spmethhing, I guess

  7. I love the complimentary cheeses! many think that not making a choice is avoiding it, but that actually is a choice by default. now, back to the cheeses…)

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  9. Oh, Ann. I choose to still have hope that if we act right together, good things can happen.

  10. Harley needs to be allowed to lecture on life choices, if they just let him.

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