Day 2700: Annoying

Is it annoying that

  • you can’t spell “Annoying” without “Ann”?
  • Ann likes to share the Daily Bitch Calendar?


  • it’s going to get worse before it gets really worse before it gets better?
  • there are so many conflicting messages and predictions out there?
  • there’s so much litter out there?


  • some people wear masks and others don’t?




  • social distancing is so much easier some places than others?




  • hope can be hard to find?

  • good hearts can be hard to find?

  • dogs and cats live such short lives compared to people?





  • I get to enjoy Michael’s meals and you don’t?





  • I sometimes put people in my blog without asking their permission (like Michael)?

However, I DID ask the wonderful Maddie Freeman’s permission if I could put this amazing performance of “Dusty Trails” in my blog, which features Maddie and Rohini Rege on vocals, Caroline Rosa on vocals and guitar, and Leslie Wolf and Maddie’s fiancé Michael Friedman on strings.

Is it annoying that I’m linking here to the other blog post where Maddie makes an appearance?

What IS annoying to you?

If you find gratitude annoying, get ready to be annoyed.

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17 thoughts on “Day 2700: Annoying

  1. What comes from your house does not annoy me, Ann. What comes from the White House …

    • What comes from your house does not annoy me, Mark. What comes from the White House is beyond annoying.

  2. Ahh…jumble up the ‘Annoying’ word and you’ll get “Ann n Yogi’. LOL! ʚɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

  3. or if you look at it another way, it also has an ‘oy’ built in to use as need. I’m never annoyed by gratitude, bring it –

  4. I find it annoying that there is no such thing as smellablogs or tasteablogs. I rather fancy trying that cauliflower!

  5. puella33

    I love those outdoor pictures, Ann, because they are hopeful. What’s annoying for me is the question of the existence of false hope. It’s nice to extend our circumferences, but can we take a deep breath and relax, or are we going to get another wave of this bloody disease? Noone knows. Have a nice day, Ann

  6. I’m often annoyed with myself for being annoyed by technological issues, and for so often falling short of my goals. In fact it’s pretty annoying that I’m annoyed with myself more than anything else.

  7. Yeah the social distancing thing, some people just don’t get it, but tbh many didn’t pre COVID anyway. And my dogs, gone too quickly ☹️

  8. Annoying are my daughters quite often but I love them anyway

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