Day 2699: For now

For now,

  • Oscar seems to be feeling better, perhaps due to his steroid medication,
  • friends and family seem to be well,
  • I am not suffering,
  • a lot of people are in pain,
  • I am facilitating a telehealth version of my Coping and Healing groups five times every week,
  • I am using the word “mute” and “unmute” way too often,
  • I’m working from home for the foreseeable future,
  • I am still President of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy,
  • pasta is still my favorite food,
  • the weather in Boston is beautiful,
  • I am living near the water,
  • most people in my neighborhood are wearing masks when they are outside,
  • I see a lot of white male rage,

  • I love Melissa Villasenõr,
  • I believe in skill, perseverance, flexibility,  and luck,
  • I was inexplicably able to fix an inexplicable and annoying display change on my laptop,
  • when somebody calls me “annoying” or any other critical label, I have trouble letting go of that,
  • I think saying “hello” and “goodbye” are both very important,
  • focusing on the future often raises anxiety,
  • I’m trying to avoid fortune telling, mind reading, and the other cognitive distortions,
  • I prefer to live in the now,
  • I am very grateful for all that I have, and
  • I am sharing all my photos from yesterday.













For now and forever, I don’t drink wine because I’m on Coumadin for the rest of my life. For now, I am totally fine with that.

For now, I need to end this post and get ready for work, so thanks to all who helped me create another “For Now” post, including YOU!


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25 thoughts on “Day 2699: For now

  1. I see Michael has provided your favourite food for now

  2. For now Oscar is my favorite blogger.

  3. Hello to the front end of our soon-to-arrive three day holiday, Ann. Oscar looks ready.

  4. For now, I’m grateful for friends like you. Bye for now. ♥(ノ´∀`)♥

  5. For a moment I wondered why I haven’t heard of the brilliant Melissa Villasenõr before, but now I realize how much new I have to discover. And I don’t think you’re annoying, not now or ever.

    • I don’t think you’re ever annoying either, Chris, but I am surprised you hadn’t heard of the brilliant Melissa Villasenõr before. For now, I’m thinking you don’t watch “Saturday Night Live” (a show that Michael finds annoying).

  6. Thank you, for now!

  7. I’m really glad to hear that Oscar is feeling a little better! That is just the best news.

  8. good news about Oscar, each good day is a gift. for now is all we have, each moment is it. lots to be happy for in the now. and pasta.

  9. White male rage. What a great set of songs. I’m glad to see Oscar looking bright eyed and feeling a little better (though depending on the steroids, you could get tabby cat rage–let’s hope not).

  10. All good here for now

  11. Lots of things seem to be happening, but glad to know that all is well.

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