Day 2698: What’s eating you?

One thousand, six hundred and four days ago (I‘M counting, okay?), I created the post Day 1094: What are you eating/What’s eating you.

Is it eating you that

  • I like to start posts by referring to my previous posts?
  • Your weight has changed during the pandemic because of what you’re eating?
  • People aren’t wearing masks?
  • Bicyclists behind you are still yelling “BEHIND YOU!” even though that might spread the coronavirus?
  • The wrong people are constantly apologizing?
  • There is such disparity in who is suffering more from the pandemic?
  • It’s difficult to know who to believe these days?
  • There’s so much uncertainty about the future?
  • Pets have such short life spans?
  • People don’t seem to know what a span of six feet is?
  • So many people support corrupt and incompetent leaders?
  • So many familiar things are disappearing?
  • The good is often hidden from view?
  • I take and share so many photos?
















Here‘s “What’s Eating You?” from the BBC production of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

What’s eating you? Please share in a comment, below.

Whatever’s eating me, a little gratitude helps me face the day ahead.


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19 thoughts on “Day 2698: What’s eating you?

  1. This list ! and it reads like a poem.
    And the empty atm machine photo? also a poem- have you ever seen the Zoltar fortune teller machines in coney island and other amusement parks? love u Ann ❤️

  2. Your photos are on the other end of that spectrum, always welcome into my morning, Ann.

  3. Apathy in today’s society. ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)

  4. Must be the diet that’s slimming my waistline.

  5. Sending Oscar a hug.

  6. so funny, my daughter and grandson just cooked me up a jar of homemade wild garlic mustard pesto. they were helping in the woods to rid the area of this invasive species, and a fellow volunteer told them that it is edible and delicious as a pesto. voila! and she made me a homemade label as well that said, “eat me.” a lovely gift all around.

  7. puella33

    The whole situation is eating me. Isn’t it doing the same to you?

  8. I don’t know what’s eating me but it’s caused me to gain weight, another sign of the strange times we’re living in.

  9. Pretty good list if I do say so and I do…………………………
    Nothing and no one is eating me because I don’t let things get to me and I don’t know any cannibles, just saying

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