Day 2697: Signature moves

One of my signature moves is sharing the Daily Bitch calendar:

Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to practice this signature move of pushing everyone away. At least, however, we don’t have to wonder why we’re alone.

Another one of my signature moves is taking photos of what moves me.

Harley and Oscar have very different signature moves (as you can see in this post).

Another one of my signature moves is to choose a song related to one of my images.

My signature moves these days also include:

  • Working from home.
  • Going on socially distanced walks.
  • Facilitating five online “Coping and Healing” groups every week.
  • Winding up my Presidency for the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy.
  • Spending quality time with those I love.
  • Rewriting my original songs to fit current realities.
  • Expressing gratitude and appreciation.

What are your signature moves?

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26 thoughts on “Day 2697: Signature moves

  1. great moves, ann. you could be called a life dancer. my moves are: walking in nature, taking pics, writing things with few words, and spending time, whatever shape that is these days, with my loved ones, distantly near, and sharing live zoom mornings with my kinder, always, always funny and lots of singing going on. for years, i’ve written song lyrics and our music teacher composes the music, as we each only have one skill set in that arena, but together – it’s a song!

  2. Here’s to your eye for art, Ann, high, low and everywhere in between.

  3. Writing songs and then rewriting them to reflect current realities is one of your creative and also meaningful signature moves.

  4. Your signature moves in style, my dear friend! *̥̻̥̻̥͙*̻̥̻̥͙*̥̻̥͙*̻̥͙*̥͙ ꒰ ˆ ॢ꒵ ॢˆ꒱♡ *̻͙*̥̻͙*̻̥̻͙*̥̻̥̻͙*̻̥̻̥̻͙

  5. Some excellent swirling clouds in those signature sea- and skyscapes

  6. I have a great problem with signature moves – literally.
    As Chairman of a small charity I have to sign lots of papers, contracts, cheques (checks), etc. I often have difficulty in proving I am who I say I am because my signature does not remain constant. Oh, I do so wish we had ID cards!

  7. Another signature move is that you take beautiful landscapes.

  8. puella33

    Ann, do i see three cats on your bed? Nice pictures of Nature as always .

  9. My signature move would tripping over my own two feet

  10. You’ve had some lovely cloud formations lately. And that Rosa rugosa surprises me–not that it’s near the beach, but that it’s in bloom already. And thanks for the Tom Petty–one of your signature moves is to remind me of music I like.

  11. A signature can say so much, and your moves speak volumes.

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