Day 2691: Numbers

When I first published this post, seven, which is a common lucky number, appeared twice in the number of today’s blog. (Since then, I discovered my numbers were off and I had to do a recount.)   Seven is also the number of my previous blog posts about numbers (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

It’s been quite a number of days since I last wrote a post about numbers (one thousand and eighty-two days,, but who’s counting?) I think “numbers” is a good topic, here and now, because there is so much in the news about numbers (number of new coronavirus cases, number of deaths, number of jobs lost, etc. etc.)

Also, this is today’s Daily Bitch:


Please take a number for your favorite photo from today’s post. That first photo, above, is, of course, #1.













































I think there are a number of people who would not allow a cat to be on the dining room table.

The Ranker website has a list of the best songs with a number in the title. What’s your favorite song about numbers? Here‘s one of mine:

And another one:

And one more:

Now I have to prepare for a panel discussion about doing therapy groups remotely during the age of the coronavirus.  There are four  people on the panel and I have eight minutes to talk about my Coping and Healing groups. I don’t know if that will be too much, too little, or just right.

I’ll let you know how it goes in post # 2728.

I have a large number of photos indicating gratitude, and here are just a few  of them:




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21 thoughts on “Day 2691: Numbers

  1. Two is my lucky number. (ღˇ◡ˇ)♥2♥

  2. I number your posts amongst the must reads!

  3. spaetzle? if yes, I’m in! my fav pic is the one of the bicycle in front of that cute house with the flowers. looks like a scene from life and not virus life, just life.

  4. I am glad that Oscar is allowed to be on the table when he wants to be on the table. He probably wants to check out that delicious chicken supper.

  5. puella33

    I love photo number 12. Good luck with your discussion, Ann. Everyhing will by alright.

  6. Ever since I learned that if you add up any sequence of numbers and the result is divisible by three then the sequence is also divisible by three I’ve automatically added up every sequence of numbers I see hoping there will be a three at its heart, because three feels lucky to me. For instance adding up the numbers 1 through 23 totals 276, which is divisible by both three and six, making it a doubly lucky number, just as 2727 is divisible by nine–twice.
    I see all number of good things here.

  7. I love #3 as the scene is so peaceful looking, but #15 is cute 😊

  8. Number 7 best photo hands down
    A great post hands down

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  10. I was 35 on 7.7.77

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