Day 2687: Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday, the day before Mother’s Day, I was happy to look at all the posts on our cat Oscar’s  Facebook page, including this one from four years ago:




Here’s another post from Oscar’s Facebook page that I’m especially happy to share on Mother’s Day:





This mother of Aaron will be happy to share more posts from Oscar’s Facebook page (which has the title “Oscarthenonjudgmentalcat”) over the coming days.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate Mother’s Day on this Polar Vortex weekend with these photos taken yesterday by a mother:
















You may call me nuts, but it’s made me very unhappy to witness many wonderful mothers shamed (by others and themselves) for being “fat” or “old.” Therefore, I posted this selfie yesterday on my Facebook page yesterday with the caption “Does this mask make me look fat?”


And I posted this one with the caption “Does this mask make me look old?”


That seemed to make some mothers and others happy.

This recent Jimmy Kimmel segment with texts from celebrities’ mothers made this blogging mother happily laugh out loud:

Jimmy Kimmel says at the end of that edition of Mom Texts, “Happy worst Mother’s Day ever.” Do you agree? If you give this mother the gift of a comment below, it will make me  happy.

Thanks to all the mothers and others who help me happily create this blog, every day!




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30 thoughts on “Day 2687: Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Love the masks + captions!

    I choose to see it neither as the worst or the best. It is Mother’s Day. yesterday, my youngest daughter dropped off flowers and then, we went for a socially distanced walk with our dogs (she and her partner have a 14 week old Labradoodle and Beaumont the Sheepadoodle was as always very excited to go to the park) After our walk, she drove the half hour to my sister’s house in the far south end of the city (her aunt) to give her flowers too — now that made this mother’s heart very very happy!

    Happy Mother’s Day Ann. ❤

  2. Kelly Haran

    Happy Mother’s Day Ann! You look great in your mask. As always, I’m inspired to eat better when I see your meals.

  3. Eleanor

    And this mother thanks you for all your posts over the years – what I look forward to each day to amuse me, inspire me, make me ponder, and just enjoy.
    Peace and love to you

  4. Happy Mother’s Day, my dear friend. You look beautiful with or without the mask!

  5. ….and thanks to all those who would have been fabulous mothers if they had the chance, also to those who chose not to become mothers for whatever reason.

  6. I like the pic with the cat on your head

  7. puella33

    Warm wishes for Mother’s Day, Ann. So you want your face to look “fat”, but you don’t want the rest of the body to look ” fat”- with a drawn in face , one looks older. But no , you don’t look fat. Enjoy your day.

  8. it might be the worst, but it will certainly be one of the most memorable. i dislike ‘shaming’ anyone, and find this horrifying that people do this. i love that oscar has his own page, olive will be jealous if she finds out. glad you are his mother, and happy mother’s day to you for all who you help mother each and every day.

  9. That mask doesn’t make you look fat. That mask makes you look fabulous.

  10. I had a great Mother’s Day, I find masks are annoying

  11. You look great in your mask and that hood makes it look like you have some wild lioness hair!!! I am not a mother, but I have mentored people and that feels like mothering sometimes. Lucky for me, my friend Laurie wrote about all the mothering that goes on ( and she has a son) and made me feel good, even though I already felt good about talking to my own mom and hearing about her day. You can see laurie’s blog at AND I’m so glad you got to talk to Aaron and that he got to talk to Oscar. Can’t have been the worst Mother’s Day ever!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day, Ann.

  13. Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day, Ann!

  14. Happy (belated) different Mother’s Day to you, Ann. Those masks make you look like a good listener.

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