Day 2686: Responses to Illness

I have many decades of experience observing responses to illness, because I’ve being dealing with a heart condition since birth.  The responses to illness I’ve seen include:

  • pity,
  • sympathy,
  • empathy,
  • fear,
  • courage,
  • ignorance,
  • ingenuity,
  • misunderstanding,
  • understanding,
  • denial,
  • acceptance,
  • coldness,
  • warmth,
  • despair,
  • hope,
  • disrespect,
  • respect,
  • anxiety,
  • calm,
  • avoidance,
  • acceptance,
  • confusion,
  • clarity,
  • cruelty,
  • caring,
  • neglect,
  • kindness,
  • resentment,
  • inspiration,
  • isolation,
  • connection,
  • distancing,
  • embracing,
  • hate, and
  • love.

What responses to illness have you observed, in others and in yourself?

Now that our cat, Oscar, is ill with cancer, I’m noticing my responses to him, which are based on the golden rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I am treating Oscar when he is ill as I always wish to be treated when I am ill: with respect, caring, compassion, understanding, love, and connection.

Last night, my responses to Oscar included dancing with him to Steppin’ Out.” by Joe Jackson. Would you like to respond to this by dancing with us?


Personally, I think dancing is a great response to everything.

Do you see responses to illness in my other photos from yesterday?











My response to that last photo is this: In this current time of illness, many people would go more places if more places had drive-thrus.

My final response in this blog post is gratitude for what I’ve got, including Oscar, my health, and YOU!



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29 thoughts on “Day 2686: Responses to Illness

  1. Care, fear, isolation possibly, as now, all coming together.

  2. I could see that Oscar loves being loved by you.♡(⺣◡⺣)♡

  3. Be there, steppin out, into the night …
    You picked a great song to cut the rug with your awesome Oscar, Ann.

  4. We found out last weekend that our dog has an inoperable tumour and doesn’t have long left. I responded with irrational fury at the universe, then was immediately grateful that, due to circumstances, I can spend every hour of the day with him right now. Sorry about Oscar–I definitely know what you’re going through.

  5. Cuuuuute! My very recent post is of an animal is a little cute and very funny

  6. puella33

    You have a loving heart, Ann. You’re the person I would choose if I were to get ill. You’re loving company would ease the pain and sorrow. God bless always ❤

  7. Like others I’m so happy Oscar danced with you. I love Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out” but I also thought about the song “Flight 180” by Bishop Allen that includes the line “If you feel like dancin’ dance with me.”

  8. It seems that Oscar has purrfect timing in his dancing!

  9. So many dancing songs and so many ways to dance. Oscar is going to dance as he feels fit. Especially if you’re his partner.

  10. Many responces indeed only supportive ones are the ones I like, Oscar dances better then me

  11. sometimes people go through all of those, in no particular order and back and forth. i’m so glad you chose to share a dance with the dapper oscar, you truly are the fred and ginger of the multi-species world. not only do you share a dance you share a love and respect for each other.

  12. Go Ann and Oscar! Love the dancing 🕺 💃

  13. I didn’t know Ann! I’m so sorry!

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