Day 2679: What’s your biggest strength?

What’s your biggest strength?


Holding a grudge is not one of my biggest strengths. Neither is cooking. Luckily, I’m married to somebody whose biggest strengths include making great meals, like chili and cornbread.




My biggest strengths include

  • group therapy,
  • blogging, and
  • writing and performing original songs, like this one:

I felt stronger lat night because fellow blogger beth and my friend Barbara both attended that Zoom Open Mic, and when I finished my song, somebody yelled out “Bitchin‘!”

Do you see any biggest strengths in my other photos from yesterday?












Until last night, I didn’t know that Michael’s sister Lydia’s biggest strengths included rock painting!

One of my biggest strengths is expressing gratitude for everything and everyone, including YOU!

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26 thoughts on “Day 2679: What’s your biggest strength?

  1. My biggest strengths are tolerance and patience, now will you please stop wittering and get on with your next blog entry!

    • I’ll stop wittering once I figure out what it is. And I think one of your biggest strengths is how you comment on other people’s blogs, Peter.

  2. Your music is now Zoomin’, Ann!
    And there is rock painting, and there is Lydia’s rock. Wow! A piece of art that is.

  3. you have many strengths, ann. I saw one last night at your show! lucky you have a spouse whose strength is cooking, it keeps you going . my strength is adaptability, and the ability to overcome and rise again no matter what. is there a word for that long explanation?

  4. Lovely post Ann and I’m sure you have many more… enjoy this time❤️ love Barbara x

  5. puella33

    You have a lot of great strengths, Ann, . I love your panoramic pictures. At this time, my strength or “need to be” is tolerance- even though at times i get frustrated with the friggin situation.. Have a nice day, Ann

  6. I think my biggest weakness might be my memory—I’m always forgetting important things. It’s also my greatest strength. I can’t remember to hold grudges.

  7. Biggest strength???????????????
    Don’t have one…………………………..
    Don’t hold a grudge, my memory is too bad………………………

  8. Wow, Lydia rock painting is owlstanding. LOL! (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡

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  10. My greatest strength is to recognize – and work on eliminating or reducing – my greatest weaknesses. It is a strength that came of ignoring the destructive force of negativity, which is the signal of a weakness, then having an epiphany that set me on the right path. Stay safe, and work on your weaknesses! I know you can do it!

  11. That calendar haha

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