Day 2672: Incredibly profound

My incredibly profound friend Deb, who is social distancing in Florida, sent me this text yesterday:


I found it incredibly profound that Deb sent me that photo of her wearing her “Left the house before I felt ready” tee, which I created after publishing Day 166: The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally Merchandise: T-Shirts.

Is it incredibly profound that I texted back “That’s going in the blog tomorrow. If I had any energy I would market it”?

It’s incredibly profound that

  • we’re all experiencing this coronavirus pandemic together,
  • there are so many unknowns about the virus,
  • the news is frightening, and
  • nobody knows what the future will be.

Are any of these other images incredibly profound?











Is it incredibly profound that I wrote this song based on the t-shirt Deb is wearing?



I left the house before I felt ready.

I’m wrinkled, distracted, a little bed-heady.

Don’t know where my phone is, one glove, or umbrella.

My water bottle’s probably somewhere in the cellah.

Here on the outside I’m sort of unsteady

When I’ve left the house before I felt ready.


I left the house before I felt certain

What clothes to wear, should I tuck my shirt in?

Should I eat a banana, a cookie, a peach?

Do something productive or go to the beach?

With indecision I’m strugglin’ and hurtin’

Because I left the house before I felt certain.


I left the house before I was sure

Of what I could tolerate, face, or endure.

Should I stick to what’s safe or try something new?

Taking risks — tsk tsk tsk — not the right thing to do?

I might meet someone sweet or step into manure

If I’ve left the house before I felt sure.


I have left the house, I can recall,

To work, to sing, to shop at the mall.

If I waited until I was sure not to fall

I’d never leave the house at all!


I left the house before I felt ready,

I’m vulnerable, present, and reasonably steady.

I’m glad to be here even if it’s not home.

Even if my hair needs a brush or a comb.

I’m not totally sure or secure, this it true.

But I’m certain I’m ready enough to meet you.

© Ann Koplow, 2018


I look forward to your incredibly profound comments about this blog post. Even if you don’t think your thoughts and feelings are incredibly profound, I do.

Incredibly profound thanks to all who help me create these daily blog posts, including YOU.



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43 thoughts on “Day 2672: Incredibly profound

  1. Ann, if you could produce a bunch, get these T-shirts in the hands of Fallon, Kimmel and Colbert for their late night shows and have a way to sell online, you’d have a bunch of sales on your hands.

    • I am so incredibly and profoundly exhausted doing five on-line therapy groups every week, responding remotely to COVID-19 related crises at the hospital where I work, and finishing out my presidency of my group therapy organization, that I can’t imagine taking this on right now, although I profoundly wish I could! Thanks for another incredibly profound comment, my friend.

  2. I love your incredibly profound song! ღƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ♡ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ♪

  3. How many people, I wonder, will be forced to do that?

  4. love the tee, love your song. good marketing suggestion, mark. I’d buy one and wear it with profound pride.

  5. Oh no – the last Ferrero Rocher. Beautiful photos, food, music. Splendid! The all-encompassing post!

  6. I find it profound that there may be a reference to Eliot’s “Do I dare to eat a peach?” in your song and just as profound if it’s not.

  7. puella33

    I find your landscapes photos incredibly profound and beautiful. I also like the words to your song. Have a nice day, Ann

  8. Oh my, your song is soooo delightful! I had to play it twice so I could sing along (an octave lower, I’m afraid… I USED to be a soprano!). This brought such a smile to my fae. Your rhyming is so creative! Who else woulda thunk of “certain and shirt in”?? This is worthy of a reblog. I love it, Ann! ❤

  9. Love the cat meme and the song! You have such creativity, Ann.

  10. P.S. I put it on my Facebook page!

  11. Excellent post. I felt like that a couple of days ago when I went grocery shopping with my mask on. That’s a first. Kind of how you feel when you walk into a room of strangers and you realize it’s not a costume party! I’ll keep the lyrics posted on my fridge. Thanks Ann

  12. I can declare with profundity that I love the song!

  13. Great song indeed, things are different but unless you leave your house you maynot notice

  14. koolaidmoms

    The line “If I waited until I was sure not to fall, I’d never leave the house at all” really hit me. That is where I am right now. I am comfortable here indoors and realize that when it all opens up again I will be a bit disappointed. I am very content right now.

  15. I think that you also stayed at home before you felt ready. 😊

    • I think that your amazingly profound comment inspired me to write another verse for this song before I felt ready. See the post following this one, my amazingly profound friend.

  16. Love that cat meme, Ann! Profoundly grateful for your song, which so cleverly captures the angst I think many of us are experiencing about the thought of venturing out into the world again. My home has always been my haven, but now it is truly my fortress and I am loathe to leave. I have noticed lately that I feel deep anxiety when I see people clumped together on television in what used to be a normal setting, e.g., a bar, a restaurant, a concert. Wondering how long it will take to shake that feeling, if we ever truly do?

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  18. The link to my FB page where I posted from this site is:

    • I still don’t see the connection with this site or my song. Where would it be on your Facebook page? Thanks, Jan!

      • Can’t click “like” – where’s the “sad” button when I need it? When I go to my FB page, that post is the #2 one on the site. I don’t know why it is not visible to you. Sorry!

  19. Hi Ann — I write for the Deseret News, a daily newspaper in Salt Lake City, and I’m working on an article about pandemic-related T-shirts. I would love to speak to your friend in the shirt and wonder if you could put me in touch with her. She can reach me at Thank you, great post! Jennifer Graham

    • That is my t-shirt that I created that I’ve also given to friends, Jennifer, so you are already in touch with the right person !

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