Day 2669: Looking Up

Looking up my old posts, I see I’ve used today’s title twice before:

Day 436: Looking Up

Day 866: Looking Up

Looking up those posts, I see that it helps me to focus on looking up rather than looking down, especially during challenging times.

Things are looking up when friends like Vivian send me photos like this one:


I like when dogs and tulips are looking up.

Are things looking up in the other images I’m sharing today?




wolf and pug









Things are looking up when I can still enjoy a video of a groundhog  looking up and enjoying some pizza:

Now I’m looking up and looking forward to your thoughts and feelings about this latest Looking-Up post (in the comments section, below).

Finally, I’m looking up old expressions of gratitude to thank all who help me look up every morning and create these posts, including YOU.

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20 thoughts on “Day 2669: Looking Up

  1. Thanks for looking up those unfamiliar words for me, Ann.

  2. Never stop looking up, my dear friend. ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

  3. Things are looking up when a groundhog volunteers to keep the dogs (and me) amused.

  4. May things look up for us all soon

  5. I think I’ve been looking up even more than usual lately. Last night I took my telescope out and looked at Venus which is currently in a gibbous phase. It’s a curious thing that Venus appears brighter when it’s at half or three-quarters than it does when it’s full.

  6. That is one cute teddy bear.

  7. I’ve been looking up to the sky, to the trees, to people who do kind things.

  8. Looking up is great unless there is a bird flying over and you get hit with crap

  9. That ground hog obviously knew there was a door between it and the dogs. Pretty amazing. And I love the dog and tulip photo. That dog has something to say. We can only imagine.

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