Day 2659: What’s the title of today’s post?

Five hundred and sixty-three days and posts ago (but who’s counting during these strange times?), I created and published a post with the same title as today’s.

Today’s post COULD be titled Day 2659: Stay Wicked Fah Apart.


It could be also titled

  •  Day 2659: Social Distancing is Working
  • Day 2659: When will things return to normal and what will that look like?
  • Day 2659: With daffodils and magnolia trees in full bloom
  • Day 2659: The rites of spring
  • Day 2659: Clouded
  • Day 2659: A hard truth
  • Day 2659: No one really knows
  • Day 2659: Let’s keep playing!


  • Day 2659: Let’s Go!
  • Day 2659: SLOW


  • Day 2659: Caution


  • Day 2659: Sheer Compassion


Looking at all the photos I took yesterday, you might have your own ideas about what the title of today’s post could be.

















Here is music for one of the suggested titles, above.

The title of today’s post, of course, could also be Day 2659: Thanks!

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22 thoughts on “Day 2659: What’s the title of today’s post?

  1. Full of energy. Happy Easter to you too. Glad you have sunshine there too.

  2. The Rite of Spring premiered at a time when the world was changing, and was part of that change. I know it’s not certain what the future holds for us but history shows we do have some things to look forward to.

  3. Your photos are making me smile on this Easter morning, Ann. Thank you. I know the social distancing is working, yes, and still … too many ill numbers every day.
    At first look I thought the kitty litter was named Yesterday’s Mews. Oh, well, the recycled newsprint makes the real name very appropriate.

  4. I love your mask! Blessed Easter to you and yours….(⺣◡⺣)♡♡♡

  5. Happy Easter, Ann.

  6. it looks like peace and calm and safety to me. happy passover and easter and spring!

  7. What beautiful views. Happy Easter!

  8. puella33

    Ann, I love your mask. I love love the images of the water. Everything seems so pristine, now that there’s less pollution. Happy Sunday to you , Ann

  9. Happy Easter to you and yours Ann.

  10. This Easter has been better then the last one

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