Day 2658: If you are struggling

If you are struggling during these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone.

Yesterday, as humans I love and people I work with were struggling, I captured these images:











When I was struggling to fall asleep last night, I looked at that New Yorker page on my phone.

If I am struggling, music always helps, and I’m struggling to focus on a future when I will be able  to see Jacob Collier in concert, rescheduled  from next month to some time in the future when we’ll be struggling less with the coronavirus.

If you are struggling, it might help to watch this NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert with Jacob and other incredible musicians:

If you are struggling, consider sharing in a comment, below, and please know that I am so grateful you are here, now.


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19 thoughts on “Day 2658: If you are struggling

  1. This is wonderful . Music is such a great healer. In fact I’ve just uploaded some of my own music on Insta. 🎵 Happy Easter Ann 🐣

  2. We will support each other, Ann. Thank you.

  3. I think the days are up and down, and I’ve learned to do or not do things that keep me at peace. One thing for me is writing letters or dropping a card on someone’s porch where it’s safe, just to tell them I’m thinking of them. It helps me when I’m feeling sorry for myself to reach out and help others.

  4. I have good days and bad days just like everyone else. But some days I just feel like SCREAMING! Σ(•’╻’• ۶)۶ LOL!

  5. Technology and gardens are very helpful

  6. Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to pick up some prescription refills. It should have been a simple task but I was scared. I wore a mask and gloves, and wondered why there were so many cars on the road. A nurse took my temperature when I came in. I had to watch carefully to avoid careless people.
    It’s hard for me to admit that a simple task was difficult but I hope doing so can help others.

  7. puella33

    I know how you feel Christopher. I dread going to the market and pharmacy. It has become a task, as you well put it. It wasn’t a ride in the park to begin with.

  8. I have also found that going to the store is an experience I dread. It’s because so many people don’t social distance and I have to be hyper alert. It’s stressful and I’m always jangled when I come back home. But it’s not often, so I’m hoping I won’t be worried about it between times.

  9. I struggle all day and most of the night, I struggle to dress myself and to feed myself as well as many other things

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