Day 2653: Signs of the Times

In the Times, yesterday, I saw an article about emotional store signs of a closed New York.








During the rest of the day, there were other signs of these strange times, including these:


















I appreciate that particular sign of the times: let us be compassionate and kind to remove the sadness of the world.

Here is  “A Sign of the Times” by Petula Clark (from a long time ago):

It’s a sign of the times that I was concerned about the health of Petula Clark, who is eighty-seven years old.

It’s a sign of the times that Anna Jaworski —  who does the podcast “Heart to Heart to Anna”— asked me to appear on her show again, this time talking about the coronavirus and people with high risk heart conditions like me. Here‘s a link to my appearance on her show last year, and I’ll share the link for the new show when I get it.

It’s a sign of the times that I’m especially grateful for every day, here and now, with YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 2653: Signs of the Times

  1. Great portrait, Ann 🙂

  2. Well, Ann, our County Executive wished us all to shelter in place for two weeks starting tomorrow. We basically have been for longer than that already … (Groceries and pharmacy.)
    I like the NYC sign proclaiming that the opening party will be grand. Let’s think that way … as long as we hold off until it’s truly safe.

  3. No matter the signs, or the times, I am always grateful for you.

    And Petula Clark! Now there’s a blast from the past!

  4. I just found out my favorite coffee shop is still open, although with reduced hours, and I’ll take that as a sign that they’ll still be there when this crisis has passed. I’m looking for hopeful signs everywhere, and getting some exercise by frugging to Petula Clark, even if that does cause Allen Sherman some consternation.

  5. ….and just how did the bank robbery go?

  6. puella33

    Ann, I like how you model the scarf- it’s very stylish. I think Rocher chocolates are very comforting .Take care, Ann

  7. Signs are everywhere, some are helpful, some are not but still we see them everywhere

  8. Yes, you do bandit very well. And that Petula Clark video! Wow. Those dancers were the 1960s version of the Village People. The whole thing was a blast. So thanks for choreographing this blog! I’ll await the link on the podcast.

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  10. i love the storefront signs, and the chocolate, salmon, tissues -the holy trinity sign of wellness.

  11. Great signs, especially the titanic one. Thanks for sharing.

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