Day 2688: What’s essential, anyway?

During another essential day, I noticed this online article in the Washington Post:


What’s essential, anyway? It all depends on who’s deciding.

Here and now, I’m deciding that what’s essential, anyway, is sharing my latest photos with you.

















What’s essential, anyway, is my letting my Facebook friends know that I am “a face of the coronavirus (recovered)”

Here‘s an anyway essential song from the late Bill Withers:

Please lean on me by leaving a comment about what you think is essential, anyway.

What’s essential,  anyway and every day, is gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create this essential-to-my-sanity blog, including YOU!


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32 thoughts on “Day 2688: What’s essential, anyway?

  1. I’m so glad you have recovered. Essential personnel during this plague would consist of medical, emergency, food production, shipping and medical manufacturing personnel. Essential trips out for the public would consist of similar industries. Basically, what do you think is important enough to die over.
    We have an abundance of morons here in the US starting at the top and working it’s way down to the lowest class in society. The level of idiocy surprises me everyday.
    Stay well and so glad you are recovering!

  2. Yes!!! “What’s essential, anyway, is my letting my Facebook friends know that I am “a face of the coronavirus (recovered)”?? YES, that’s essential. I had no idea, Ann, that you had tested positive and were goin through this crisis as a COVID-19 patient! I need to go back and reread some of your last posts with that in mind… ah hah! Out of the depths! Thank God you are a survivor and are recovering! I sooo appreciate the fact that you shared that with us. Essential? The 3 F’s: Family, Friends, Faith. Also essential: The 3 H’s: Health, Hilarity, and Home. Yup, hilarity… don’t know how I’d get through this physical distancing without the Help (oh, that’s another H essential) of laughter. Tina’s comment above is one I agree with … and the “morons” at the top that she refers to are no laughing matter! Yes, Tina, “The level of idiocy surprises me,” too. “I recommend you wear a mask when going out in public, but no… I choose not to…” He doesn’t want to hide his pretty face behind his “opulent” desk from the kings and queens who come to his office. Oh God, help us!!

    • The facts are essential, my essential friend, and I was NOT tested because there were no test kits available when I returned from a huge conference in NYC the first week in March exhibiting all the symptoms of the coronavirus, which put me in the hospital for a little while. All my doctors are sure I had it, and I and my husband self-quarantined for weeks. Check my blog for the details and thank you for another essential comment.

      • I missed those blog posts earlier, I guess. Sorry! Don’t know how that happened because I am an e-mail follower of yours. But, I will go check them out now. Just so glad you received the help you needed and are mainly recovered now. God bless you!

      • monalee2usa

        So glad ur in recovery continue to stay safe and god bless!!

      • So glad to see you here!

  3. I hope that the voice on our new thermometer telling my dear wife Karen and I that our temperatures were around 95 degrees means that essentially we were at normal, Ann. We finally found one to purchase … I had hoped it would be somewhat more accurate than this.

  4. So happy you are now safe and well. Thank you once again for the gently thought provoking writing ❤️

  5. I’m glad you’ve recovered because I believe you provide an essential service. And last night I heard an NFL player–I didn’t think to make a note of which one–say we need to work together not just as a country but a world. Football may not be essential right now but messages like that are always needed.

  6. Glad you’ve recovered. The salmon looks good!

  7. I am glad you recovered so well. I do hope this thing ends by summer, but in the meantime, you are an essential service to your clients and our blog community in the right now.

  8. Is everyone up very early today, or am I a day behind? It is it 5:37 AM (here) but there are already 10 comments on this mornibg’s blog post.

    I am so glad that you recovered. Isn’t it interesting that your unusual heart makes you more vulnerable to some kinds of infection, but that you were still strong enough to fight off coronavirus? I think all of us can gain strength from the idea that we are stronger than we think.

  9. It’s essential to carry on carrying on. Good to see you looking so well.

  10. puella33

    I think it’s essential to feel our freedom while living cloistered. Sometimes I feel so suffocated by the news, fears, and the space at home keeps getting smaller and smaller- it’s like there’s no way out of this horrible situation.

  11. Are you saying some states are leaving gun shops open as essential businesses? Unbelievably believable.

  12. What some find essential others do not but some people really need their heads examined with what they think is essential my daughter herd one person complaining that their drugs as in ice/meth what a load of rubbish

  13. yay! here’s to your recovery, and that is essential in itself!

    thanks for showing some of my essentials: water, food, chocolate, pets, and gratitude. for me, it is also essential to find a place of peace, a measure of hope, and the simple joys in life, no matter the circumstances.

    • Thanks for your essential blog, beth, which provides a place of peace, a measure of hope, and the simple joys of life, no matter the circumstances. ❤

  14. So glad that you have recovered, Ann! It’s essential that you continue to take good care of yourself…,

  15. So glad you’ve recovered, Ann. I’m sorry I missed those posts. I will get to those posts slowly but surely…♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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