Day 2646: What’s your worst fear AND what’s helping?

In the online groups I have been facilitating this week, I’ve been inviting people to share their worst fears and also what has been helping them deal with these.

My worst fear is that I won’t leave enough room for people to have all their feelings and what helps is my asking questions like that one.

Do you see any worst fears AND do you see anything that helps in my images from yesterday?

This interview with Dr. Fauci by Trevor Noah included worst fears and was also very helpful.

Please express worst fears AND what is helping you, in a comment below.

What helps me, every day, is finding and expressing gratitude wherever I am, so thanks to all (including YOU).

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21 thoughts on “Day 2646: What’s your worst fear AND what’s helping?

  1. I think you know mine is heights. My best solution is to avoid them 🙂

  2. My worst fear is for me or a loved one to become a bad statistic in this awful crisis, Ann. I would hope working at home and strict social distancing is helping.

  3. My worst fear is that Harley is not appearing, AND what’s helping is a little bit of Oscar time.

  4. puella33

    You would think I would say the Corona virus, which it is’ I would also say the News. The idea that doctors decide who will get treated is frightening. Of course is due to lack of equipment which trails back to Trump…So the answer is Trump and the Virus.

  5. My fear is running out of food because I’ve refused to panic-buy. What helps? Meditation, and fostering a dog for Greyhound Rescue until they can start rehoming dogs again..

  6. Yesterday afternoon, although it was quite sunny, I told my family that I was going to bring our box of not-yet-planted herbs inside, in case it hailed.

    They thought I was a bit nuts and so did I, because it hasn’t hailed in at least six months. But I brought them in.

    A couple of hours later, there was a sudden racket outside. We all went to the doors and windows. It was as hailing. Hail the size of peas turned our yard white. There is a good chance that the baby plants would have been crushed or frozen if they hadn’t been sheltering inside.

    I don’t know what my worst fear is and I’m not sure what helps, but sometimes things work out

  7. This morning in a meeting some coworkers and I started talking about fall events and I realized my worst fear is we’ll still be in isolation in September or October.
    What helps? Cool cats, good dogs, friendly faces in video conferences, and the hope that things will get better.

  8. Worse Fear??????????????
    Can’t think of a single thing…………………………
    I take life as it happens

  9. puella33

    I thought I would share this with you and our friends here- we all need a good laugh

    • People definitely have worst fears about toilet tissue these days and your sharing Carol Burnett really helped!

  10. my worst fears are that someone i care about, falls victim to this awful virus. and clowns and dentists. i’ve gained a measure of control over my dental fears after finding a compassionate and gentle dentist, have permanently socially distanced myself from clowns and am doing everything i can to stay in a healthy, in body, mind and heart.

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