Day 2644: The rules

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been thinking about rules.  The rules keep changing, but certain rules are clear:

  • Practice social distancing.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Stay home as much as possible.
  • Connect with others remotely.

Here are the rules for somebody like me — who was almost definitely infected by the coronavirus but who could never get tested because of the scarcity of test kits — according to this email from my Primary Care Physician:

In terms of when you can end YOUR isolation (again, I am assuming you had COVID-19), according to the CDC (as of today – I just verified) you can leave your home once you have been fever-free without fever-reducing medication for 72 hours AND your cough has improved AND at least 7 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared. If you are still fever-free after 72 hours (tomorrow? Thurs?) and your cough is improving, I think you can leave your home but if you are still coughing it would be best to wear a mask.

Because my rules include “first, do no harm”  I waited a couple of extra days and first ventured out of my home yesterday. My rules include staying away from people and using gloves whenever I touch anything. As I wrote to a friend this morning:

I shall do my best to continue flattening the curve while not getting flattened by all this.

The rules at this blog include sharing photos that rule:























The rules for me, because I have a mechanical heart valve and take Warfarin daily, include my checking my INR at home.  Because my INR was so high yesterday (it’s supposed to be between 2.5 and 3.5), my medical team’s rules included my skipping a dose of Warfarin last night and eating more greens. New rules: We think the coronavirus and my taking antibiotics have probably disrupted my INR temporarily.  The rules of common sense tell us that this number will stabilize again soon.

The rules of this blog also include

  • inviting you to share your rules, thoughts, and feelings in a comment, below, and
  • expressing gratitude for all who help me figure out the rules, every day.



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21 thoughts on “Day 2644: The rules

  1. I have the exact same socks! Such fun:-)

  2. The fact is that Michael and Harley rule the world.

  3. Maureen Brenna

    Glad you are feeling better. ❤️

  4. Yes, it’s obvious Michael is Harley’s first love. Glad you talked about those numbers. I was alarmed at for you at the last one…aaaiiieeee. I liked seeing your avatar tiger and may have to look up The Disappearing Spoon when I run out of books…to see if I can download it.

    • I was very alarmed when I saw that number and especially when the nurse on the phone said, “OH MY GOD!” when I reported in. However, we both calmed down when we realized I didn’t have any alarming symptoms (like headache or bleeding). Also, my regular nurse, who was obeying the rules and working from home that day, sent along some easy-to-follow rules for my safely getting that number down as soon as possible.

      As usual, Lisa, your lovely and perceptive comments rule.

  5. puella33

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, and for informing us about the rules.

  6. Is it still easy for you to get the greens you need, Ann?
    I haven’t seen your tiger for a long time and was glad to see him.
    I would be happy to see Patti Smith rule the world for a little while

    • I have been able to get the spinach I need, Maureen. That’s why I was so surprised to see that high number yesterday! I would be happy to see you rule the world for a little while.

  7. monalee2usa

    “It is the beginning of wisdom when you recognize that the best you can do is choose which rules you want to live by, and it’s persistent and aggravated imbecility to pretend you can live without any.”
    ― Wallace Stegner, All the Little Live Things

  8. Normally I throw out the rule book and jump right in, but we aren’t in normal times so I’m sticking to the rules. Our dogs rule our house, but I have three rules for them:
    1. If you need to go out please ask.
    2. Everybody plays, everybody wins.
    3. Everybody gets their own cookie.
    Even rulers should abide by the rules.

  9. i love the message on your teabag, it’s true. important you keep every breath and be well.

  10. Here’s to you balancing your numbers, Ann.

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