Day 2643: What are your priorities?

On this day, what are your priorities?

Do your priorities include taking care of tasks?


Do your priorities include noticing and appreciating what’s around you throughout the day?







Do your priorities include staying hydrated ?



Do your priorities include keeping track of what belongs to you?

Do your priorities include eating healthy food?


Do your priorities include socializing as best you can during these strange times?


Do your priorities include compassion, kindness, and grace?

Do your priorities include effective communication?


Do your priorities include smiling? Studies show that smiling helps improve your mood (even if you don’t feel like smiling).

Face it!  It can be very difficult to set priorities during changing and uncertain times. My priorities, here and now, include

  • blogging,
  • arranging and conducting on-line therapy groups,
  • forgiving myself for my mistakes,
  • listening,
  • communicating,
  • accepting myself and others,
  • balancing action with thought,
  • hope,
  • safety,
  • letting go of judgment,
  • letting go of worry,
  • finding joy wherever I can,
  • caring for myself and others as best I can, and
  • music (here and here).

As always, my priorities include gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.


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22 thoughts on “Day 2643: What are your priorities?

  1. My priorities, Ann, include:
    Keep myself and my dear wife Karen well.
    Act in a way that enables community safety.
    Wish hard for the well-being of those I love and cherish.
    Work hard at my library job from home to spread the words of education and hope.
    Be safe and as well as you can be today and every day, all.

  2. I think my priority for this weekend is to master procrastination!

  3. My priority right now is to find things that make me laugh and hopefully pass that on. And interestingly “Ode To Joy” and “Appalachian Spring” are two pieces I’ve heard performed live. I would say I’ve seen them but my eyes aren’t sharp enough to see music.

  4. puella33

    My priority is to stay calm so I help myself and my mother stay safe.

  5. Joan

    Yes to it all! This post has REALLY resonated with me and I’m grateful for having come across it at a time when I could use your kind voice as my narrative 😉 Thank you!
    Today’s top priorities: giving myself grace as I build up my strength and stamina to what it once was, moving my body and going outside (family walk!), practicing gratitude in my journal, increasing my water intake, and working on my mindful crochet practice.

  6. Yes, priorities for tomorrow….Meditation, exercise, cleaning the house, reading in a novel, making some phone calls…and listening to more fabulous music!!!!

  7. Your priorities are lovely. So is your cat. Our priority is rest this weekend. It has been really hectic the past days.

  8. I like the way that musicians are responding to the emergency. The TSO’s Appalachian Spring, which you posted here, has each musician appear on screen as their instrument is heard, even though they are each playing in a remote location.

    Thanks for the reminder about the cat litter.

  9. Your priority is that Harley is becoming like a sphinx.

  10. great priorities and i loved the jug with your name on it. ) as for me, it’s staying healthy, and doing things to support that, connecting in available ways with family and friends, and seeing all the good and beauty around me.

    On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 7:11 AM The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally wrote:

    > Ann Koplow posted: “On this day, what are your priorities? Do your > priorities include taking care of tasks? Do your priorities include > noticing and appreciating what’s around you throughout the day? Do your > priorities include staying hydrated ? Do your” >

  11. my priorities lately has been mostly about keeping calm and doing what i can to get through this, but also, publishing my book, which you can get here…

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