Day 2641: Who is the enemy?

These days, sometimes what I’m hearing is people trying to figure out who the enemy is.

Is the enemy

  • a political party?
  • a political leader?
  • those telling us to practice social distancing?
  • old habits?
  • cognitive distortions?
  • the news media?
  • the virus itself?
  • ourselves?
  • those we see as different from us?
  • confusion?
  • mixed messages?
  • hoarding?
  • lies?
  • the truth?
  • greed?
  • business?
  • socialism?
  • capitalism?
  • fear?
  • death?

Trying to figure out who the enemy is can take up a lot of energy.

When I look around, here, and now, I see no enemies. I see people trying their best to (1) figure out an ever-changing, unknown landscape and (2) get through this with minimal losses.

Do you see any enemies in my photos from yesterday?






Here is “The Enemy Inside” by Dream Theater:

And just to balance things out, here’s “You’ve Got a Friend” covered by my musical hero Jacob Collier, whom I am almost definitely not going to be able to see perform in Boston this May.

I’m sure I’ll see Jacob Collier in better days to come.

Who is going to comment on enemies, friends, or anything else below?

As this tea bag tells us …


… kindness has no enemy and neither does gratitude.


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22 thoughts on “Day 2641: Who is the enemy?

  1. It is so easy to find doom and gloom, is that’s what you’re looking for. I’m struggling right now, but I know in my heart that one day, all of this will just be a memory and for that, I am grateful…

  2. Self centredness

  3. Kelly Haran

    Oh! Look at that kitty — knows a good meal! That photo really made me smile. Thank you.

  4. In this stay-at-home time, Ann, I need to think about my friends!

  5. I see cat stalking the salmon….maybe an enemy…probably not.

  6. I don’t see any enemies; just a lot of fear and confusion, which can cause people to see enemies where there aren’t any. Knowing we all have to work together is how we get through difficult times.

  7. I find it rather sad that leaders talk in terms of ‘war’, ‘enemy’, and ‘battle’. We are all in a race together – the human race, and we all live in one home – the earth.

  8. puella33

    The enemy is definitely not Socialism..The enemy is the lack of knowledge and wisdom

  9. I don’t think of people or anything as being the enemy

  10. we can be our own worst enemy at times, so it’s important to stay grateful for what we have, including our health, each day, as we stumble our way through this together/alone.

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