Day 2639: Nuts! We’re all nuts!

Hello, my fellow nuts!  Today’s title is inspired by the very first photo I took yesterday:


We’re all nuts because people are still

  • ignoring requests from governments to maintain social distancing,
  • hoarding certain provisions,
  • acting in old ways in the face of major new realities, and
  • personalizing, labeling, minimizing, magnifying, blaming, fortune-telling, mind-reading, negative-filtering, and all those other nutty cognitive distortions.

I hope that we nuts can figure out how to save ourselves and the planet before it’s too late, so we can keep being nuts together in less nutty ways.

All my photos today are nuts!


If you’re nuts about any of those photos, you can click on them to enlarge them.

Here‘s one of my favorite songs about how we’re all nuts (from before the days of social distancing):


If you’re nuts like me, please leave a comment below.

I am grateful to share this nutty blog with you, every day!




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31 thoughts on “Day 2639: Nuts! We’re all nuts!

  1. “I’m a little acron brown, lying on the cold cold ground, someone came and stepped on me, that’ is why I’m cracked you see. I’m a nut. uh huh. I’m a nut. that’s me.”

    LOL — thanks for the reminder of this song I used to sing to my daughters and now sing to my grandson!

    I like being nuts — though some of the actions people are/are not taking are more than nutty! they’re dangerous!

  2. I am still crazy after all these years. But I didn’t board enough nuts! My husband and kids already ate all of them while working from home. 😲 It turns out that snacks are a food requirement I didn’t account for.

    • I’m eating salt-free sunflower seeds, my friend, and I’m crazy enough to have those delivered regularly to our home. I may be nuts but those are all the snacks I need. ❤

  3. Debbie T

    It made me nuts looking for relief from coronavirus articles in today’s Boston Globe. National, international, local, sports, arts, even the advice column, all exploring the virus from their own angles. Finally settled on the non-virus related comics and put the rest aside.

  4. No toilet paper in the shops – only crackers, bananas, and fruitcakes

  5. I’ve been eating a lot of nuts lately and, as they say, you are what you eat. And, as Mr. Simon also said, when I look back on all the crap I learned in high school it’s a wonder I can think at all.

  6. puella33

    That person in the White House gave the Corona Virus a different and name the other day, and I’m sure there are ignorant people who follow his footsteps. I’m nuts because I’ve been eating out of nerves. I have to stop and be more disciplined. Have a nice day, Ann

    • The person in the White House is driving us nuts and many of us are eating out of nerves. Thanks for another nice comment.

      • puella33

        I wish Gov. Cuomo were in the White House. Good night, Ann

  7. Nuts you say…………..
    Yeah lots of nuts here…………….
    If you meet my nephew’s mother you will meet a real nut

  8. Guilty as charged.

  9. People are CRAZY NUTS!!!! I am living in the epicenter of town has over 200 cases and growing, and people are REALLY sick- a 34 year old in a coma.. a 45 yr old on a respirator. I am not leaving the house except to walk.. far from anyone. Aside from that 1 hour I am HOME. It will never end unless people take this seriously- it spreads when people are asymptomatic…. sorry for the rant but it is so infuriating that people can be so damn irresponsible. Stay well my friend

  10. It sounds like you’re still crazy after all these blogs! As am I.

  11. Frankly, I’m glad to limit my contact with others after experiencing empty shelves in the grocery. Sheep! Or is it swines? Either way, I hope the power fails and they have freezers full of rotten meat they hoard-bought, leaving nothing for people like me who just wanted a stupid package of hamburger or chicken for the coming week. I hope I eventually feel good toward these people, but it will take a bit of Lenten prayer and lots of forgiveness to get there. For the moment, I hope NEVER to find out which of people I know behaved in this repugnant and mindless way.

    • It can drive us nuts to see such, nutty, selfish, and short-sighted behaviors, my friend. I hope people come to their senses soon. ❤

      • Me, too. I am uncomfortable with how much disgust I feel for such behavior and the people doing it.

  12. A little more each day, Ann. We did not do our mind-and-body freeing walk around the blocks yesterday after my home-work day because it had snowed-and-stuck, with temperatures too cold for that.

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  14. i think people are unsure of what will come and don’t want to think about it, therefore denying the reality, and acting nuttier by the day. when life gives you nuts, make peanut butter cookies! my new theme!

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