Day 2638: What we can teach each other

Yesterday, I decided that our shy cat Harley could probably teach people a thing or two about social distancing, so I started taping this tutorial:

However, Harley didn’t teach the way I expected him to. Based on my past knowledge of Harley, I assume that Harley’s behavior was different because his best friend Michael was in the room.

This morning, when Michael was not in the room, I tried again:

Somebody can teach me something about how to hold the camera and Harley can teach us all this about social distancing:

  • Maintain a distance of six feet from people.
  • If somebody gets too close, move away, if possible.
  • If not, ask the person to back off.

Harley also teaches us that fear can make us very catty.

What can these other recent images teach us?

That teabag can teach us that our strength is our own knowledge.

I hope our knowledge and our strength help us all get through this.  I look forward to the teachings in the comments section, below.

Thanks to all who teach and learn, including YOU!

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34 thoughts on “Day 2638: What we can teach each other

  1. Maureen Brenna

    I loved the videos. It is so right to keep social distancing. I just wish more people would adhere to this request.

  2. I shall learn from Harley’s sound advice!

  3. I truely believe we all will be stronger as we experience this horrible temporary way of life. Thank you for posting. We will prevail! We will be stronger, kinder and more compassionate, if that is even possible. There are so many amazing people who are helping though this temp way of life.

  4. Harley can also teach us to be prepared for the unexpected.

  5. I laughed when Harley hissed. First laugh of the day! Yay! And your interpretation–back off. I actually had to say that to someone recently, which surprised me (well, not back off, but whoa, social distance!). Glad you’re up wandering around making cat video lessons.

  6. Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:
    I like to think about this a bit more . . .

  7. puella33

    Ann, I was wondering if you would kindly inform us, when to wear a mask. Should I be wearing it when I go to the grocery store , or in the elevator in my apartment building? I’m a little unclear on that. Do I wear it when I go for a walk outside? Thank you , Ann

  8. Thank you, Ann!
    PATS and RUBS to Harley!
    My dog Cooper does not know, or practice, social distancing. He is always right by my feet! 😮
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  9. We can teach tolerance and compassion and how to stay connected at a distance

  10. between you and your cat sidekicks, i learn a lot each and every day. my hope is that people learn to be kinder and more compassionate and full of gratitude, as a side effect of this global virus.

  11. What we can teach each other is very clear from Harley. Those videos were hilarious. Oscar can teach us how to write novels too.

  12. Your toes vie with your socks

  13. We all must take our steps in concert and at a safe distance, Ann.

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