Day 2637: What’s important to remember

This morning, I saw this headline on my newsfeed:

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo says it’s important to remember that people are worried and anxious.

It was important to remember to watch Governor Cuomo delivering that message:

It’s also important to remember:

  • to be empathic,
  • to be mindful,
  • to be kind to others and to ourselves,
  • to say the important things to those who matter to us, and
  • that we’re all quarantined now, in one way or another.

Let’s see if there’s anything important to remember in my quarantined photos from yesterday:







It’s important for me to remember that my cousin Liane Plane was in the original production of West Side Story on Broadway, and that The New York Times thought it was important, too, in one of several articles about Stephen Sondheim’s 90th birthday.

It’s important for me to remember that my friend Jeanette noticed that Liane looks like the dancer emoji💃 in that old photo.

It’s important for me to remember that Liane danced in one of my favorite musical numbers ever, “America,” even though I was too young to see her in it. Here’s “America” from the film version of West Side Story.

It’s important to remember that people will be dancing together again, eventually, in New York and elsewhere.

What do you think is important to remember, here and now?

I hope you remember that I’m grateful to YOU, every day.


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36 thoughts on “Day 2637: What’s important to remember

  1. i think it’s important to remember what’s important. each of us, in our own way, and not only for us, but for others. i think it’s important that your cousin was in west side story, that is such an important bit of family history. i think it’s important that you have beautiful meals and it makes me want to come over for dinner. and i think it’s important that i made a video of me in the woods and by the water dancing near the ducks and the geese yesterday to send to my classroom kinder, to show them i am still with them and have not forgotten them, to continue our happy tradition of dance party friday no matter where we are.

  2. Wow, I had not seen that scene for a long time. For years, the only way to get me to go to a musical was to say it was Sondheim. Now, I might be persuaded to see Hamilton at some point. I think it’s important to laugh now, whether from everyday craziness or You Tube comedians–or a funny blog. Keep getting better, Anne!!!

    • I am doing my best to get better, Lisa. I am also watching funny movies and YouTube comedians. We’re going to get through this! ❤

  3. I think it’s important to remember that the emoji-makers patterned the dancer after your cousin, not the other way around, Ann. (I’ll think they did for sure.)
    I know it’s important for me to remember how secure I felt during Governor Cuomo’s speech about how my state was handling this crisis was on in my living room compared to how unsettled I felt after that when the next speech-giver decided it was time to lash out and belittle the press instead of address the question of how the people in the nation he leads should handle their virus emergency fears.

    • Mark I love your governor and wish the man in the Whitehouse would take some lessons from him on how to address the nation. Even though I’m not a fan of the premier in my province I have to give him credit on how he is addressing the public during this pandemic.

    • I think it’s important that we’ll get through this, Mark, and that we’ll have better leadership, come this November. ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. I read those articles about Sondheim and thought about you, and I especially enjoyed “Sondheim, The Man Who Felt Too Much”. Something I try to always remember is that every challenge is an opportunity, and the challenges we’re facing now offer the opportunity to listen to a lot more Sondheim.

  5. Debbie T

    “…it’s important to remember that people are worried and anxious.” How could we forget that?

  6. It’s important to remember that we all have the same fears, the same vulnerabilities, the same needs, regardless of wealth, social status, colour, creed, sexuality, or any other label that may be attributed to the family of the human race.

  7. Barb

    Thank you once again for your blog. Take care

  8. What’s important to remember is Stephen Sondheim’s birthday:

    • Maria, we’re glad there’s a girl named Maria, who comments on this blog, and posts great clips for all to see …

  9. Thank you as always Ann for your words of wisdom.

  10. Grateful for messages like these

  11. So often the only thing that can impel gratitude is a challenge. It unites rather than divides. May our memories not fail us when it is over. For the charity shared among each other then would be otherwise wasted.

  12. puella33

    It’s important to have self respect and to respect others,now and always. It’s also important for us to remember what kind of lack of leader we have in the White House in November when we vote. Call me crazy, but I think he wants this to linger so people won’t be able to vote, or voting will be cancelled. I’ve been thinking about that all day. That’s what happens when I’m always in, I guess. Compliments on your cousin, Ann

    • I’m having lots of thoughts, too, some more scared than others. That’s what thoughts do — they go everywhere! I believe really important changes are going to happen because of all this and I’m hoping for the best.

      • puella33

        I’m glad i’m not the only one thinking like this.. Thank you for your support Ann.

  13. Yes pretty important things to remember

  14. Absolutely love this clip from Cuomo. His leadership and compassion are what we need right now, not this other nonsense (trying to be polite on your blog…😉)

  15. It’s important to remember the lessons we are being taught

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