Day 2636: Face it!

Face it!

Oscar does not understand the whole social distancing thing…


… but I do.


Face it!  I’ve been trying to reassure my worried friends with how well my face looks in that recent photo.

Face it!  I’ve been trying to put more smiles on my own face by watching favorite funny movies from simpler times, like Big and What About Bob?

I’ve also been stuffing my face with good food, like this:


Face it!  Humans have survived pandemics before and our best hope of survival is if we face this together (at a distance, of course!).

Face it!  This scene, starring somebody else recovering from the coronavirus,  always puts a smile on my face.


What’s been helping you face these strange times?

I look forward to facing your comments, below.

Face it!  I haven’t been able to go out into the world to collect new expressions of gratitude, so here are some old ones, which include a few nice faces:


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27 thoughts on “Day 2636: Face it!

  1. Face it. There are far more nice people around than nasty, more kind and generous than greedy and selfish, more giving than taking.
    Stay safe and well y’all.

  2. I’m afraid my usual positive outlook is taking a hit from all the panic buying by ignorant people who don’t realize there wasn’t a shortage till they made it.

    On the happier note, I read in a blog a German writes about the name the Germans give to this behavior: Hamsterkaeufe > “hamster buying! The image of a hamster stuffing its cheek pouches with more seeds than it possibly can eat at once is a perfect one for these miserable sheep!

  3. That’s a lot of thank yous! I don’t understand a lot of the coronavirus either, but am doing my part. Staying in, reading, eating, and petting my cat!

  4. puella33

    It’s nice to see your face, Ann. Face it , your experience gives us hope.

  5. It’s nice to see your face, and Oscar’s. I’ve been having fun with teleconferencing which allows my coworkers to see my face, and theirs, and even allows me to change the background. Some of my coworkers have cats who were very surprised to see me with fish behind me.

  6. Well, let’s hope by comforting Oscar, you feel better yourself. You certainly look like you’re feeling better. Good food no doubt helps.

  7. I don’t want to face it

  8. Face it, Oscar is about to write a bestseller and you’re jealous.

  9. you are very welcome. i am facing it by going outside for socially distant walks in the woods and by the water. they have not changed and remain a constant source of peace and beauty. i know we will find our balance once more, only a matter of when.

  10. Well done

  11. Yes, face it… with calm and using your good senses. It is good to see smiling faces.
    Please stay safe.

  12. I have to face my team every morning in a virtual meeting so I make sure I have my smiling face on!

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