Day 2635: Good news

There’s always good news to be found, if you look for it.

In Venice, dolphins are swimming in the clean waters of the canals for the first time in decades.

Maybe people’s reactions to the coronavirus are demonstrating that human beings can actually change their behaviors and come together for the common good.  That’s good news for our species and for the planet.

Do you see good news in any of today’s photos?








Please share whatever good news you can in the comments section, below. That would be good for all of us.

Gratitude is always good news, so thanks to all who help me share the news in this daily blog, including YOU.



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35 thoughts on “Day 2635: Good news

  1. hanspostcard

    Any bit of good news is great- at this time!

  2. Good news is… I can’t watch that video of the dolphins enough. It just brings me such joy! that and watching the Live Cam of Monterey Bay on the Monterey Bay Aquarium website!

    Oh. And, your temp is healthier. You dinner looked delicious. and I am feeling upbeat today! Much love to share and be part of and feel in this time of corona! ❤

  3. It’s good news that pussy cats seem to be immune from the virus!

  4. It is good news that the world has been pulled up short and carbon emissions are down because people are not driving every where.

  5. puella33

    I see the good news regarding your temperature, Ann- that’s great! The good news is that hope never dies.. I’ve been putting my energies to good use- I’ve been painting .

  6. Your temperature is excellent news, and the sun is out now where I am, which is good news. The fish and dolphins in Venice reminds me of something I read several years ago about lampreys returning to the Thames. Lampreys terrify me but their return to a native habitat was a sign that the river was cleaner than it had been in decades, which is good news.

  7. Good news is especially welcome right now

  8. Good to read your positive post Ann, stay healthy 😀

  9. Wonderful news Ann. My good news is that I am able to teach yoga online and connect with people via social media. So many people are reaching out. I’d better check my data plan!! 😉
    Stay well my friend 💕

  10. Excellent news about your temperature. More good news: Spring will arrive in two days.

  11. Yes good news

  12. We are in this together. World-wide. We are listening, sharing, caring. We are creating a new normal. Out of great crisis comes great opportunities and I see many who are responding with creative compassion. Press the pause button. Just “be” and put presence over productivity. Yes, good will come of this, and we’ll get through this together.

  13. i am reminded, over and over again, how much kindness and compassion that people have within them. this is ongoing good news during this challenging time. it is such good news about the water in venice and the air over china, the earth is making its own good news. it is good news that your cat is observing taking in all of your family good news, especially your healthy temperature! the good news helps to alleviate the stress of the bad news, even in the midst of fear and uncertainty. the universe’s way of finding a bit of balance.

  14. I can help inform people in my library job from home, Ann. It’s good news to honor the edicts and help flatten the curve.

  15. It’s good news that your temperature has dropped, Ann, and good news that this virus has encouraged reflection in many. I’m connecting with old friends that I have spoken with in years…reaching out to check on those I love that I don’t talk to nearly often enough. Stay safe… xox

  16. Haven’t spoken with, not have. Grrr…

  17. It’s good news to see how the world actually improves without us.

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