Day 2634: Yesterday’s news

“Yesterday’s news” is a phrase that was defined this way, yesterday:

yesterday’s news

something that everyone already knows about and is no longer interested in.
“People who think the environment is yesterday’s news are wrong.”

Does COVID-19 meet the criteria for yesterday’s news?  Most people already know about it but interest remains high.

COVID-19 is yesterday’s news, today’s news, AND tomorrow’s news. I think we’re all looking forward to the time when COVID-19 will truly be yesterday’s news.

That time will come; we just don’t know when.

Around here, yesterday’s news included all this:

Do you see yesterday’s news in yesterday’s photos?








That rubber duck is yesterday’s news, because it first appeared in this blog post from the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which was A LOT of yesterdays ago. I’m glad we’re all still here, not much the worse for wear.

Here‘s “Yesterday” by the Beatles, who are definitely not yesterday’s news.

Any comment you leave, below, will be news to me.

My daily gratitude may be something everyone here already knows about, but I’m hoping you’re still interested in it, here and now.



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26 thoughts on “Day 2634: Yesterday’s news

  1. I had forgotten the purple duck but I do remember your trip to Edinburgh, which I thought was a pretty amazing adventure. Since then, you have (even more amazingly) performed at the Fringe there. I love that you have had the purple duck with you this whole time and I hope you, too, are feeling ducky soon.

  2. yesterday is gone and i look forward to the news that you deliver to us each day. i am ever hopeful and part of that is hoping that your future news is that you are cleared and well.

  3. Yesterday’s news was that Oscar was deep in thought and Harley didn’t need a mask.

  4. That duck looks worried. Probably because it’s purple. I’m so glad you’re doing well. There was a story in yesterday’s Post about someone who has Covid19 who was at the same conference you were. Who knew?

    • We’re all a little worried, Lisa, and I actually linked to that post article in this post.

      Who knew? Not those of us attending that conference, until it was too late.

      Here’s how the New York Times is reporting about that group therapy conference:

      • Oh geez. 19 people, but at the time you were there I guess the epidemic was getting ready to rock and roll. I’m sorry you have been so sick.

  5. Sometimes today’s news is that things are just ducky–serene on the surface but paddling madly below.

  6. We have no news in my house, only olds!

  7. puella33

    Yesterday’s pleasant memories give us hope to make it through today so we can live happily tomorrow. Sending war vibes of sunshine to you and Michael. Have a nice day, Ann

  8. puella33

    i meant to write “warm” , warm vibes. 🙂

  9. I know you’re taking care, but I wanted to send hopeful thoughts and prayers your way.

  10. COVID-19 already has earned its place in the history books, Ann. If there are still history books and sites, Ann.

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  12. Yesterday is such a wonderful song. I just love The Beatles.

  13. Maria

    Hi, Ann,
    I wanted to let you know that I have been paying attention and sending healing thoughts your way. Glad that you are home and hope you aren’t feeling too bad. Lots of love, Maria

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