Day 2631: Until it doesn’t

Everything can seem to be a certain way until it doesn’t.


Everything looked fine about my attending a week-long conference in NYC the first week in March, until it wasn’t.

As of this morning, several people from the conference have tested positive for the coronavirus, including somebody I spent most of my time with there.

As soon as I noticed a low grade fever two days after I returned from the conference, I alerted my workplace and my doctors. Even though everything seemed fine at that point, I suspected it wasn’t.

And my fevers were low until they weren’t.

And I was in the emergency room until I wasn’t, admitted Monday night to a private room with maximum precautions.

And we believed there would be enough coronavirus tests available to test me, but there wasn’t.

There will be egregiously low access to testing in this country until there isn’t.

Because of all the scary reports of how the coronavirus might affect somebody like me (over 60 with a chronic heart issue), my immediate future is going to worry me until it doesn’t.

As I am home in self-quarantine with Michael and the cats, I am taking photos of what cheers me up until it doesn’t.

That was a tale of two kitties until it wasn’t.

I’m constantly monitoring my low grade fevers until they aren’t.

Pasta is still my favorite food until it isn’t.

This recent email exchange with my cardiologist strikes me as funny until it doesn’t:


There is nothing you can do now. If you spike a fever or get short of breath you should come to the hospital. As you know even if tested positive the plan would be to stay home.

Contact me if anything comes up.



Could you promise to save me a ventilator if I need one?

For old time’s sake,



I’ll have them give you mine!


Here‘s “It Hurts Until It Doesn’t”, a song by Mothers about a lost cat.

This post keeps going on until it doesn’t.

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53 thoughts on “Day 2631: Until it doesn’t

  1. From one Bay Stater to another, wishing you the best.

  2. Sending love and positive vibes, and wishing you all the best.

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You must be very stressed–good job you have those lovely kitties for company:-)

  4. Maureen Brenna

    Wishing you the very best and a quick and speedy recovery.
    Lots of love,

  5. My pussy cat has decided she will self isolate for at least 20 hours a day now!
    Stay safe and well Ann, along with Michael and the cats!

  6. I know it isn’t helpful to say that if we had competent leadership in the White House this crisis could have been mitigated, but I’m glad you’ve got Michael, Oscar, and Harley to help you. At least we can help each other.

    • puella33

      I agree with you, Christopher. I would like to elaborate by saying that it’s like not having a leader. Just a person without a conscience who;s occupying space in the White House. Have a nice day, Christopher.

    • Everything you say is helpful, Chris.

  7. Debbie T

    That is a very generous cardiologist! And clearly your friend as well as your doctor.

  8. Sending virtual hugs and lots of good wishes. I’m glad you’re in the comfort of your home and still eating those great Michael-cooked meals.

  9. Take care Ann!!!

  10. Thinking of you and sending healing light and virtual hugs. Those kittens do look entertaining though! Be well Ann 💕🙏💕

  11. puella33

    Hi, Ann, so if your colleagues were tested positive, that means the tests were available to them? Why weren’t there any in Boston ,the Mecca of Medicine? Don’t get discouraged, Ann, you will get through this – please know I love you- you are wonderful human being. We are all here for you.You will get better, don’t worry.

    • The tests are becoming more available every day. Thank you for this lovely message and it takes one wonderful human being to know another one.

  12. puella33

    ecuse my typos, my keyboard is programmed in a different language

  13. We rely on prayer in my faith tradition and I just sent up some mighty ones for you my friend. I agree with puella33. You are a lovely positive person and that will carry you through. We’re with you, Ann! ❤️

  14. Do I wish you all the best?
    Yeah I do………………………

  15. Against my better judgement, I clicked “like.” I don’t like that you’ve got this. I don’t like that you’re isolated. I do like that you have your kitties to keep you company. I do like that you’re keeping your sense of humor. I do appreciate that you’re keeping us updated. God bless you, Ann. Bee well!

  16. Oh man, Ann, was so very saddened to read this. Sending all sorts of good vibes your way…xo

  17. May you all keep well

  18. be well. always.

  19. Thank you for all the photos of Harley and Oscar. The photos help me feel closer to fine.

    I hope your thermometer shows you closer to fine hour by hour

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  21. Everything can seem to be a certain way until it doesn’t, but the tale of two kitties prevails in the end.

  22. I hope you are ill until you aren’t, Ann.

  23. Sharon

    Ann, I hope when you aren’t, you’re better 💜. I’d give you a ventilator if I had one.

  24. I hope you’re feeling better now. ♥️

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