Day 2629: How bad could it be?

How bad could it be?

How can we even answer that question when

How bad could it be that I’m self quarantining, knowing I’m doing the best for myself and for all those I care about?

How bad could it be for me to share these photos with my good readers?










How bad could it be if

  • Michael cooks delicious pasta and
  •  Oscar and Harley look up and share our happiness?

How bad could it be if Stephen Sondheim is turning 90 years old this month? Here he is playing “Move On” at the memorial service for Michael Bennett, who died during the AIDS pandemic:


How bad could it be where you are, here and now?

How good could it be to express gratitude to all those I appreciate, including YOU?


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25 thoughts on “Day 2629: How bad could it be?

  1. It is good that you are doing well

  2. It could be very bad if you forget the ultimate law!

  3. It’s good that you are self-isolating to take care of you! There’s a lot of ‘betterness’ in your world!

  4. puella33

    How bad can it be?- it can be very bad. I don’t want to put a cloud on everyone’s head, but I’m being realistic. I won’t get into specific details . On a pleasant note, I’m happy to see that this blog which is always cheerful will always be here . I like your teabag quote, Ann. I think optimism is crucial. I’m sending everyone lots of sunshine. Have a nice day, Ann

  5. I know cats are very sensitive and if Oscar and Harley are so relaxed I think we don’t have to be too worried either.

  6. How bad could it we learn from the wisdom of the critters and Michaels’ cuisine.

  7. Goodness, Anne! I had to catch up when I saw this post. I hope you are feeling better and will soon be back to normal–as normal as it can get anyway in these trying times!

  8. it is so bad, that i see so much good rising to the top in my community, reaching out to help others in myriad ways. p.s. if i have to be quarantined, my number one food to be holed up with is pasta. it is always there for me.

  9. I am so glad you have Michael at your side and Oscar and Harley to gaze lovingly, Ann. That makes your lovely home that much more special.

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  11. Good on you for taking care of yourself, Ann. I pray that you will stay safe and blessed with good health.

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