Day 2627: Comfort Plan

I think most of us need a comfort plan these days, so I was glad to see this in my hospital room yesterday:


How would you fill in your own personal comfort plan?  For me, it’s connecting and communicating with people I love …



… eating healthy food …





… looking forward to better days ahead …


… noticing the beauty around me …



… treating myself ….


… self care …


… a peaceful environment and quiet rest …


… taking reasonable precautions …





… sharing photos and thoughts with you through this blog…

… and listening to comforting music.


Part of my comfort plan is to express gratitude, every day.



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27 thoughts on “Day 2627: Comfort Plan

  1. I hope their plan is a comfort to you!

  2. puella33

    Ann, how are you feeling? It looks like you’re dong better. Your smiles and your way of coping give me hope. Lots of sunshine your way

  3. I like your comfort plan, Ann. Your food all looks delicious and the best part of your post was sharing that you are in touch with Aaron. I hope you are resting today and feeling better. It’s sunny here! I look forward to seeing some leaves on the trees when I go along with you for some virtual walks. (I do love those!)

  4. What a wonderful comfort plan, Ann. and I hope their plan brings you great comfort.

    PS — do you think women wash their hands more because we have changed more diapers? 🙂

  5. I’m glad your comfort plan includes comforting music.

  6. Hope you are more comfy soon Ann…music is a good source of comfort….

  7. My comfort plan is non existence it just isn’t me, I take life as it comes

  8. it is comforting to me to see you are in such a luxury resort with kind people who love you and care for you as you recover.

  9. I don’t really have such a plan, but I hope yours is doing the trick.

  10. I am very glad you are feeling comfortable there, Ann.

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  12. A comfort plan is to count on those healthy foods daily!

  13. What a gorgeous sky!

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