Day 2626: No one asked for this

Yesterday, after I published my breaking news post, I discovered I had cold symptoms and a slight fever.

Worried that I might have caught the coronavirus (which no one asked for) during the week-long group therapy conference in NYC, I informed my manager and my doctors. Because of my risk factors (over 60 years old, chronic heart issues), the doctors decided they would test me for the virus if my temperature went above 100.4. Also, because I’ve gotten endocarditis (a dangerous inflammation of the heart which I also never asked for) three times in my life, I usually ask to get tested for that whenever I run a fever.

No one asked for this, but I stayed home from work, watched TV, monitored my temperature, and took photos of more breaking news which nobody asked for.

I also caught up on the Stephen Colbert shows I had missed last week. I took a photo of this …

… thinking “my next blog post will probably be titled ‘No one asked for this.'”

No one asked for the coronavirus outbreak. Also, no one asked for me to run a fever of 100.6 in the evening, which I did.

When I reported my fever to my medical team, they asked me to go to the Emergency Room, another thing I’ve never asked for. I asked if I could finish the delicious salmon dish Michael had cooked for me first.

They asked me to wear a mask to the Emergency Room. Since I didn’t have a mask, they asked me to wear a scarf around my face. I asked Michael to accompany me to the Emergency Room.

They tested me for many things, including the flu and endocarditis. I certainly didn’t ask to be admitted to the hospital overnight, but the Emergency Room doctor didn’t like my oxygen levels.

No one asked for this, but here are more photos from yesterday.

No one asked for this, but they think I might have pneumonia. Whether or not you ask for this, I’ll give you more updates in my next post.

No one asked for my gratitude, but I give it willingly, every day.

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50 thoughts on “Day 2626: No one asked for this

  1. and i ask is for you to get better soon and to keep wearing those cool socks.

  2. Vicki Bruce

    Get well soon my lovely

  3. Hope you feel better. Sending you healing thoughts, even if nobody asked.

  4. I do hope you are OK. Pneumonia is not good.

  5. I re-iterate Derrick… Pneumonia is not good …

  6. Salcola

    Oh dear,I hope you are OK! I also hope you were able to return home rather than hang out in the hospital. Sally Sent from my iPhone


  7. May you already be on the road to recovery, Ann. Be well, my friend.

  8. Get well ASAP!

  9. I hope you get better soon – rest and take care.

  10. So sorry to hear Ann. Hoping you are feeling better soon and whatever treatments knock it out quick. ❤

  11. I can’t like this Ann. I hope you are healing and feeling better very soon. That’s what I’m asking for.

  12. Get well soon, and those socks may not have been asked for but they are amazing.

  13. I see bright things in the future, and in the socks. A lady after my own heart (although your’s is slightly different from mine!) Get well soon Ann.

  14. Debbie T

    So sorry to hear this. I’m sure everyone is asking for your quick recovery.

  15. Feel better soon, dear woman. Sending positive energy your way. Such a trial and tribulation that no one asked for. I see you have a Cracker Jack health team so focus on your jazzy socks and rest. You are just needing a little maintenance.

  16. puella33

    Stay calm, Ann, I’m sending warm thoughts – I am always with you

  17. Eating Michael’s salmon dinner, wearing cool socks and catching up on Stephen Colbert seem to have had a protective effect. Good strategy! I hope you recover fully very quickly and that Michael stays healthy, too.

  18. Hope you are feeling better.
    No one asked for…………………..
    I ask for little and get little, except for love that I get a lot of

  19. Hoping you recover quickly, Ann!

  20. No one asked for this, but Oscar seems very deep in thought.

  21. Hope you are feeling better Ann, stay calm ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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