Day 2615: Something terrible is probably about to happen

Everyday I look around, wondering if something terrible is about to happen.

Here’s what today’s Daily Bitch Calendar has to say about that:


Something terrible might include floods …


or  technology disasters.


How do we enjoy the good times if something terrible is probably about to happen? Is it possible that knowing that something terrible (like injustice, pain, sickness, and death) is probably about to happen might HELP us enjoy the good times?

In both of my Coping and Healing groups yesterday, people talked about good times AND somethings terrible, which I wrote up on The Board of Importance.


Somebody who had been away from the group for a long time shared that  listening to this song on YouTube had helped them get through something terrible:

Good times!

Feel free to share good times, something terrible, or anything else in the comments section, below.

Something thankful is probably about to happen.



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28 thoughts on “Day 2615: Something terrible is probably about to happen

  1. It’s always those hard times that make us appreciate the good more, and remind us to appreciate the good times when we have them!!

  2. Well, Ann, today I marvel at the fact that the folks who live 15 miles north of us have two, three, four feet of lake effect snow to deal with while we we had several inches yesterday. They say two feet more for them today through tomorrow, six inches or so for us. Oh, the probability of terrible can vary so much!

  3. I have stocked up on some things in case we have to quarantine because of the new Coronavirus. We have many people in our household and so yesterday’s Amazon delivery of toilet paper, facial tissue, lentils, rice, cat food and sundries made two piles of boxes that were both taller than my husband. (Toilet paper is bulky but not heavy, although the box of tinned cat food was hard to budge.) If we don’t need these things because of a pandemic (as I sincerely hope,), we will use them up anyway. I feel better for being somewhat prepared.

  4. Something Thankful always happens when I come visit you! ❤

  5. Two things we can count on in life: terrible things will happen and good things will happen. In spite of my optimism I try to keep that in mind.

  6. puella33

    I like your song, Ann. I think music and laughter are good outlets to fuse our frustrations.

  7. Loving the song! I’m sure I read somewhere that the anus is the first part of the fetus to develop in the womb, which means we all start life as assholes. After that, the only way is up!

  8. Well, I guess something terrible is always happening somewhere and sometimes it’s our turn. Meantime, enjoy the times when it’s all good.

  9. Something terrible happened to me recently but it was a relief to know that the experience made me grateful for my blessings even more.

  10. i feel like there is always an ebb and flow to life, it is never static

  11. i’m trying to concentrate on the possible good with things right now. i WAS worrying and i occasionally still do that my book is going to have a lot of negative effects that i won’t survive or the world may not survive or whatever, but mostly i think it will help people and inspire people and help me become independent if it is a success (and i really hope it is). but anyway, even if it isn’t, i’m sure i’ll survive. i think there is hope though. there id always some hope along with all the doom.
    by the way, check this out, i performed 5 songs at the art gallery tonight. i am planning to do the open mic next week too but i gotta work on my song cuz the main one i wanna do next friday i messed up a little bit tonight. anyway. peace. (:

    • Those songs are GREAT, Jymi. Thanks for sharing. I won’t be at Open Mic because I’ll be at a group therapy conference in NYC. Hope to see you soon.

  12. Usually what that means is that ‘good times’ are actually more ‘natural and predictable’, rather than ‘terrible’. The ‘terrible’ side of things is that they present themselves as ‘unpredictable’. ‘Unpredictable’ is not a bad thing, nor ‘terrible’, it just requires more courage and resilience. The world has always been ‘unpredictable’. The human riddle is to try to rationalize or change it.

  13. Your observations hit me closely, Ann. I have become attuned to the reality that this is the thought that creeps into my peace each and every day and I have to make decisions not to let it take root. This weekend my daughter and I had the privilege of going to Oprah’s 2020 “Vision” workshop. I was treated to positivity for an entire day, and felt such a difference. I think I have a LOT to think about. I need to change my focus!

    • Your observations always hit me closely, Debra, give me a LOT to think about, and help me feel more positive about the future.

  14. As long as it’s not death, I can handle it. Even if it IS, not much you can do about it. So I agree… just love your way through it!

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