Day 2608: Fun with Phobias, Part 5

I have no phobias about sharing these links for my previous “Fun with Phobias” posts:

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Yesterday, somebody expressed surprise about other people’s fears and phobias being different from theirs.  Because I don’t have Googlephobia, I searched for a list of phobias and took this photo:


Because I don’t have Facetime-o-phobia, later in the day I communicated with somebody who had Trypanophobia when he was young:


It’s a good thing that my son Aaron doesn’t have Kosmemophobia (fear of jewelry) because his mother’s earrings are HUGE.

I  don’t have pun-o-phobia, as you can see in this subsequent communication between Aaron and me:


Do you see any phobias in my other photos from yesterday?






When I was a kid, I had a fear of the dark.  My Phone, which keeps taking pictures like that last one,  seems to have no Achluphobia, Nyctophobia, or whatever you want to call it.

Even though Politocophobia is a real thing,  here’s a limerick about one of the  2020 Democratic candidates for President:

My choice at this moment is Pete
And it’s not only because he is neat.
At Harvard, the Navy, South Bend
He had many an appreciative friend,
Plus his deep thoughts won’t fit in a tweet.

Here’s “The Phobia Song” by Pushing Daisy.

Fear of comments is a thing,  but consider leaving one anyway.

Do you have fear of gratitude?  I hope not.




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23 thoughts on “Day 2608: Fun with Phobias, Part 5

  1. That is one funny calendar!

  2. I have a fear of putting a name on my fears, Ann.

  3. The song… Phobia

  4. there’s a phobia for everything, what do you call fear of the president, trumphobia I suppose

  5. Mine are: clowns, dentists, wool on my skin, and mean people. Love this post

  6. I fear I have nothing to say!

  7. Carla Coco

    I have Agoraphobia, and it’s nothing to laugh about

  8. I know many people have arachnophobia, but I feel I have the exact opposite–I think spiders are absolutely wonderful creatures. I have a fear, though, of labeling my feeling toward spiders “arachnophilia”. People tend to misinterpret it and don’t realize I only like spiders as friends.

  9. Everyone has some kind of phobia, to verying degrees and it can be serious, however, that said many of ua can laugh at our fears to a degree

  10. Great post! Apparently I have musophobia – fear of mice. I knew I had a fear of mice, and your post prompt me to googling its official name. I am glad that I don’t have odontophobia, because I had dental surgery last week and that may have made things a little more challenging for me. Thank you for a great post!

  11. I have to smile at a woman who can write a post, “Fun with Phobias.” Good way to bring the fear down a notch. I’m with leadingandbeingcoach…musophobia. I didn’t know there was a name, but I sure do have it. And those earrings are fabulous on you. You don’t have a phobia about living bright and cheery! 🙂

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