Day 2602: Read Carefully

Who has time to read carefully these days, with all the information pouring in?

Nevertheless, I am going to read carefully before voting in the Massachusetts primary election by absentee ballot. If you read carefully, over the next few moments, you will discover that I need an absentee ballot because I’ll be attending a week-long group therapy conference in New York City the first week of March.

Read carefully when you look at my other photos from yesterday.




If you read this daily blog carefully, you know I’ve been mourning the death of jazz keyboardist Lyle Mays all this week. Last night, when I was reading my recorded Stephen Colbert shows carefully, I noticed that keyboardist and band leader Jon Batiste was also carefully paying homage to Lyle by interjecting a musical phrase by Lyle during Stephen’s monologue:

If you read that video carefully, you’ll find the sounds of Lyle at 2:44, 4:14, 7:26, and 9:46.

Here’s “Close to Home,” the Lyle Mays composition that Jon Batiste was carefully reading and sharing.

If I read carefully, I always realize that I am not alone.

If you leave a comment, of course I will read carefully and respond.

Read carefully and you’ll see that I’m grateful for all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 2602: Read Carefully

  1. I very recently did the very same careful reading with my Michigan primary absentee ballot

  2. I totally missed anesthesia week. I slept through it!

  3. I am a bit confused

  4. Carla Coco

    Make sure you don’t drink Chardonnay before you vote ahahha. Have a nice day, Ann

  5. As I started reading here I thought of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and then, listening to Lyle Mays, something I never thought of before came to me: how a song, or even a musical phrase within a song, can paint a picture, especially if the song is instrumental.

  6. Never alone, my friend:-)

  7. I often don’t read things carefully enough

  8. Sunday is always a good reading day, Ann.

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  10. I read this after your voting cartoon! haha

  11. I think we are all guilty of reading too fast and often incorrectly. There, for the lack of a word or a wrong substitution, go hundreds of people in the wrong direction. I have learned to TRY and slow down when reading. Assuming you know what you’re reading all the time does that “ass” of “u” and “me” thingy…..

  12. Such good advice about reading the voting information carefully. I have my absentee sitting here and I know how I plan to vote, but I’m not filling anything in quite yet. Specifics can still shift, and I’m trying to follow along daily, and it matters so much, I’m anxious about it. I see several titles from the New Yorker, and there’s another “careful read” I struggle with. I subscribe, but I can’t keep up! I do read you carefully, however, Ann. Always!

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