Day 2601: Please be considerate

Please be considerate and tell me which of these photos you like best and why.

Please be considerate and join me in paying homage, again, to one of my favorite musicians , the late great Lyle Mays.

Please be considerate and accept this short and simple post, because I am in the middle of considering so many obligations right now.

Please be considerate of how grateful I am for all who consider my blog worth visiting, including YOU.

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29 thoughts on “Day 2601: Please be considerate

  1. please be considerate, would be the perfect sign to hang in public places as a little reminder.

  2. Charlotte’s Web because I like the illustration and as I am using a laptop I could turn it round the right way.

  3. I like ‘The secret to a lasting marriage’ 🙂

  4. I consider it a pleasure to look at every one of your photographs, Ann.

  5. Changed Behavior picture!

  6. I love the Daily Bitch and the frog orchestra!

  7. The onion alongside Charlotte’s Web. It has so many layers!

  8. Carla Coco

    I chose the top post of the sign,| “Please be considerate” , not because it’s my favorite. I chose it because it’s a reminder small children would need as a reminder as their character is being moulded.;Thus it would be assumed that adults wouldn’t need this reminder. It’s sad that adults are acting like children and have to be reminded to grow up.

  9. A little consideration is always appreciated, but I’ll also keep in mind that changed behavior is the real sign of sincerity.

  10. Am I considerate?
    I have no idea

  11. I hope you make it through all of your obligations without too much fatigue! And I love the photo about only accepting changed behavior. That is simply excellent direction!

  12. Belated happy Valentine’s Day greetings to you and Michael, newlyweds. I like the photo of Aaron as a youngster. I think the person he is with is your mom.

  13. I like the photo and the frogs. No thoughts, just sweet emotion. But then, I have a thing about love and frogs.

  14. The top sign is very important

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