Day 2596: Best Gift Ever

What is the best gift ever?

Is it

  • sweets,
  • flowers,
  • clothes,
  • jewelry,
  • a book,
  • art,
  • music,
  • words,
  • comfort,
  • a pet,
  • friendship,
  • kindness,
  • love,
  • home,
  • the Earth,
  • the sky, or
  • pictures?

Is the best gift being happy together?

For me, the best gift, here and now, would be a comment from you.

Finally, I hope you accept my gift of gratitude.

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19 thoughts on “Day 2596: Best Gift Ever

  1. Your gratitude is happily accepted and the best gifts are always unexpected.

  2. The best gifts ever come from the heart, Ann.

  3. Good friends, good books, and pets are all wonderful gifts, but I also know an ice cream parlor that makes a wonderful turtle sundae–that’s vanilla ice cream with pecans and caramel sauce.

  4. I think, that the best gift is our time and real attention, Ann.

  5. I enjoy a bookstore gift certificate so that I can pick a book out for myself, but nothing tops something homemade by a family member or friend.

  6. I love those socks!
    The best gift ever is every new day.

  7. Carla Coco

    The best gift ever is freedom

  8. Being accepted for who we are is a great gift

  9. Friendship is an offering of support, and I think a true gift. You are a friend, Ann, thus, a gift to me!

  10. The best gift ever are those wonderful landscapes you’ve shot from your home.

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