Day 2592: Keeping it together

Where are you on the scale of keeping it together?


According to that scale I drew in my office, if you’ve got 100% worry, you’re a wreck;  if you’ve got 0% worry you’re

  • a Zen Master,
  • a robot, or
  • dead.

My best guess is that I’m at 51% worry and I’m keeping it together by blogging and sharing photos like these:














Michael was keeping it together yesterday as he filleted and cooked a goby for the very first time, together with fried ginger, string beans, and polenta.  When we were eating together, he said, “It will be quite some time before we have goby again.”

There are many “Keeping it Together” songs on YouTubeHere‘s one of them:

Your comments help me keep it together so keep them coming!

I’m keeping expressions of gratitude together at the end of every blog post.

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17 thoughts on “Day 2592: Keeping it together

  1. Thanks Ann, have a nice day!!!

  2. I’m at about a 4.44 level. 4 seems to be my lucky number and I’m closer to zen than stressed at this moment in time, so according to my math, that lands on 4.44. – p.s. math causes me stress in general and would cause that level to go upwards at any moment

  3. I don’t worry often but sometimes I overdo it

  4. I worry I don’t see enough of your articles/blog posts. But that’s because I am a bit off of the social media. Hope all is well. Thanks for the post and see u in NYC in 2020 I hope.
    Walter & Vincent

  5. I’m glad that Michael kept it together long enough to successfully get the goby on the plate!

  6. I live my life on a sliding scale, Ann. I try to average it out under 5 for sure.
    I guess Michael won’t wake up in the morning and say to you ‘ Goby, or not Goby, that is the question.’

  7. Most days I’m not even sure what it is. If I knew I think I probably could keep it together.

  8. Carla Coco

    We just have to keep calm and carry on as mentioned on your mug. I guess there’s a limit – even the speaker of the house fell apart last night, and understandably so. As I heard all the lies , I ate the whole bag of Twix;. I couldn’t keep it together last night 😉 Have a nice day, Ann

  9. At only 51% worrier, I’d say that you could describe yourself as a careful optimist.

    I am sure that gobies of the world will be glad to know that Michael won’t be serving them for dinner anytime soon.

    I hope you can both goby happy now. 🙂

  10. Those who understand gratitude know not worry.

  11. Keeping it together is easier said then done for many including me

  12. I am such a worrier, Ann. I have to work with my anxieties, and I think that regular meditating seems to help me keep it together. I’m often a little all over the place unless I’m very intentional with that practice. 🙂

  13. It’s great to scale oneself in keeping it together, although it could also be an estimate, objectively and subjectively speaking.

  14. I’m trying to find order in the midst of chaos and it’s driving me insane! LOL! ₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾

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