Day 2591: Heads and Hearts

In my third year of blogging, when I was heading into dealing with more heart problems, I published Day 1074: The Head and the Heart.  My head notices, here and now, that I didn’t mention those heart problems in that post (although I mentioned them in many other posts, including Day 1178: What is heart failure?).

Yesterday, at the beginning of the week when I’m seeing my two cardiologists, I saw this:


This reminds me of how I often say this to people who are in therapy with me:

You know this here (pointing to my head) but you don’t know it here (pointing to my heart).

Let us try to combine our heads and hearts together as we move forward in 2020.

What do your head and heart combined tell you about my other photos today?























My head and heart are noticing that so many people are disappointed with yesterday’s Iowa caucuses, as you can read here.

For your head and heart, here‘s a Quincy Jones version of a tune from Hair:

My head and heart are both looking forward to your comments, below.

Thanks, from my head and heart, to all who help me create these blog posts and to all who read them, including YOU.



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23 thoughts on “Day 2591: Heads and Hearts

  1. That you have needed both to be strong – and such a splendid medical team.

  2. Thank you sharing your head and heart with us every dang day, Ann.

  3. Every time I pass by a patisserie it answers the question, “Where is fancy bread?”

  4. Carla Coco

    I like the posts about God – it’s cute. When things go bumpy like the caucus, you just have to laugh,and look ahead. Have a nice day, Ann

  5. Seems the heads failed to win the hearts in Iowa, but reading about the way the caucus is run it seems strange to me that it would ever have worked effectively and fairly!

  6. The spiritual teacher Fr. Richard Rohr advises us to pull our heads down into our hearts. I wish I could put my head in your tender, generous heart.

  7. My head thinks I can do stuff my body says no bloody way which makes my heart ache with frustratioin

  8. This is so strange!! I wrote a response to this very early this morning (my time). I wonder what happened to it? Did I not press “submit”? I’m sorry!

  9. I hope that you receive good news from your cardiologists, Ann. And I am sorry that I lost my response!

  10. I am so glad you share with us concerning both your head and your heart, Ann. You demonstrate such a zest for life and although you’ve experienced heart surgeries and have been tied to a routine of cardiologists and appointments to maintain your heart health, you’ve used your blog to share positivity and action. You have touched my heart always, and admire your perspective, and my head is equally engaged in wanting to follow your example! 🙂

  11. The head and the heart of the family is Harley!

  12. My head and heart say you’re one amazing soul! ❤⃛♡o。(๑๏‿ฺ๏๑)。o♡❤⃛

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