Day 2587: Retiring

My beloved coworker Terry, one of the least retiring people I know and owner of The Daily Bitch Calendar, is retiring.


I unretiringly love:

  • Terry,
  • that Terry wore a tiara to her retirement party yesterday,
  • the non-retiring way she posed for that photo, knowing it would be in today’s blog, and
  •  that another beloved coworker, Lauren, made a video in honor of Terry’s retiring, which included many coworkers saying how much they appreciate Terry, her commitment to the patients in the practice, and her straightforward, real, honest, and non-retiring ways.

What are the chances that I was in that Terry-is-retiring video, holding the perfect  Daily Bitch calendar page?


I’m really sad that Terry is retiring but I’m also really happy that she is following her dreams and will be spending more time with her wonderful husband, daughter and grandchildren.   I’m also glad I’ll be remembering Terry every day when I share The Daily Bitch Calendar in this daily, non-retiring blog.


You probably know that I’m not retiring about sharing, so here are other images I captured on the momentous day celebrating Terry’s retiring:











I’m so glad that Terry is part of the universe.

I just found these three songs about retiring  (here,  here, and here on YouTube):

I hope you’re not retiring about leaving a comment about this “Retiring” post.

As always, I’m not retiring about expressing my thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.



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23 thoughts on “Day 2587: Retiring

  1. hooray for her, and odds are high that you made a cameo appearance in the video

  2. Cheers to Terry. Long may she enjoy her full-tilt retirement, Ann.

  3. Kelly HARAN

    Congratulations Terry! We out here in the blogosphere have enjoyed the Daily Bitch calendar. Always funny!

  4. Terry doesn’t look old enough to be retiring. May she have a long, happy, and healthy one!

  5. Maureen

    I am intrigued by the photo of the WordPress notifications you receive on your phone. I don’t receive any notifications anywhere, didn’t even know that was possible. Very interesting! You certainly do a lot with your phone.

    I am glad that you are not retiring your blog, which is what the title of today’s post made me wonder about. Of course, you deserve to retire, should you ever want to! But, I hope you don’t want to anytime soon.

    It’s raining here, a good day to retire indoors and snuggle with a cat.

  6. Retiring is a new chapter in ones life

  7. puella33

    I wish Terry well on her new beginning.

  8. Dave Allen, the Irish comedian who never retired from being funny, said it’s ridiculous that after years of living by the clock it’s terrible that the gift most companies give you is a clock. I’m sure Terry will use her time well, though–she’s got The Daily Bitch helping mark time.

  9. At least retiring is not as blunt as goodbye, but hey, all words have their games. At least cats don’t have to play them.

  10. She is clearly taking early retirement

  11. Congratulations to Terry! But I’m glad to hear the Daily Bitch is not retiring. Those cards are just the best!

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