Day 2578: Hate’s a strong word

Whenever I use the word “hate” (which I have in blogs here and here), my husband Michael says:

Hate’s a strong word, Ann.

The other day, Michael used the word “hate.”  I said, “You always say that hate’s a strong word, Michael!”  He replied, “It is a strong word, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to hate.”

I hate when my memory doesn’t do justice to what somebody else said, like just now.

Last night, I said I hated something and Michael, as usual, replied, “Hate’s a strong word, Ann.”  I said,  “That’s going to be the title of my blog tomorrow.”

Let’s see if the strong word of hate shows up in the photos I took yesterday.










I hate to be late for work, so I need to wrap up today’s blog quickly.

There are lots of songs about hate and here’s one of them:

Do you think hate’s a strong word?  I look forward to all your words in the comments section, below.

“Thanks” is another strong word and thanks to all who help me create all the words in these posts, including YOU.


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38 thoughts on “Day 2578: Hate’s a strong word

  1. I’d hate it if you stopped blogging.

  2. I like Michael’s phrase very much, Ann. If one thinks hard and still uses the word, well, one must mean it!

  3. I don’t see hate in your pics, I see love in some, and I see a fear of not being loved in others, which causes some people to be on the defensive, by closing out others or declaring hate up front

  4. My rule is this: Never say hate about people, but feel free to say you hate liver, bleu cheese or an inanimate object that doesn’t have feelings. Hate is a strong word and a slippery slope when you start applying it to other people and their life.

  5. I think, that hate is a strong word Ann. It reminds me about something not worked through in the mind. Everything we send out, come back. Also hate.

  6. I’m sure Oscar and Harley keep you in check about that one. The animal’s hate (or love) is directly proportional to that expressed by humans.

  7. Before hating something I remind myself to strongly dislike it first.

  8. Hate is a very strong word, which is why I try to be judicious in its use–but sometimes it’s appropriate. Someone told me they were going to “hate watch” a particular TV show because they loathe the person in it so much and I really hate the idea of wasting time on something like that.

  9. puella33

    There are a lot of “strong” words which aren’t associated with all that is bad . Love, beautiful , innocent come to mind. I have one strong word for you today- that is graceful. I find your blogs to be graceful . Have a nice day, Ann

  10. It’s a strong, yet useful, word. It is also, not the opposite of Love. But that’s another topic. 🙂

  11. My mum taught all heer children that hate is a strong word and it is better to say you dislike something.

  12. Alan Malizia

    Hate is a strong word. So is love. Hate is the worst of strong words. Love is the best. Hate destroys the one who hates. Love saves the one who loves.

  13. Hate is a strong word. I try not to use it, but fail, and hate it when I do.

  14. We can’t always be non-judgmental. Not if we want to fix things. But we can try not to be hateful, ourselves.

  15. That Daily Bitch quote on jogging could be applied to any person with one-track conversation – one could get to hate that

  16. Hate is just a four letter word. Use ‘loathe’ if you prefer.

  17. Hate is indeed a strong word. It’s a strong emotion. I try to limit my hate to circumstances and not to spill over onto people. There are times, however….

    I try not to use the word, but I think having strong disdain and disgust for someone is probably just as bad. I admit to being a work in progress!

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