Day 2575: Do you dream?

Do you dream?

I dream and last week I dreamt that I was supposed to give a talk that day about a Tom Hanks movie that was similar to the movie “Big” in that he was a child trapped in the body of an adult but it wasn’t “Big” and I couldn’t remember the name or details about the movie and I was giving this presentation in a few hours and I was very mad at myself that I hadn’t prepared better and then I woke up and I was VERY RELIEVED that the dream was not true.

My husband Michael dreams and very recently he had a dream where somebody spilled lots of “chicken juice” on the floor and he was trying to clean it up and the cats were nearby and he was afraid that they would lick it and get poisoned by bacteria and people including his old girlfriend kept walking through the chicken juice and spreading it all around and he woke up feeling VERY RELIEVED that the dream was not true.

I dream and last night I dreamt that I was at a party with Pete Buttigieg and my sister and I wanted to leave because I was very tired but people decided that before you left you had to go around to everybody there and have some sort of ritualized and elaborate goodbye and I wasn’t really paying attention to the details because I was so tired but the first person I said goodbye to was Tom Hanks and he helped me through the first goodbye, which included fist bumps and saying something that authentically captured and reflected your interactions with them during the evening and then I tried to say goodbye to a group of three people but they were distracted and I didn’t feel like interrupting them so I snuck out and went home and then I woke up and forgot about the dream until a few minutes ago.

I dream that sharing dreams helps us realize how connected we are, so that’s why we sometimes share dreams in my Coping and Healing groups.

“Do you dream?” is something I saw yesterday at MiAlisa Salon in Watertown.






Do you dream? I dream about a functioning adult becoming President of the United States in 2020. In the meantime, I expect I will have trouble sleeping and will continue to have anxiety dreams.

Here‘s a clip from the movie “Top Secret!” in which Val Kilmer is VERY RELIEVED when he wakes up from a classic dream:


Do you dream and do you have dreams similar to any of the dreams mentioned in today’s post?

I dream about all my readers knowing how much I appreciate them, every day.



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20 thoughts on “Day 2575: Do you dream?

  1. I do dream, Ann, but I haven’t been much lately. Or maybe I just haven’t been recalling them when I wake up.

    • Dreams evaporate almost immediately, Mark, so we usually don’t remember them unless we write them down or unless something happens to remind us of some detail in a dream. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  2. I’ve never dreamed I slept through an exam but I did once really sleep through a test after studying late. I begged the professor to let me take the test late, explaining I was under the influence of Morpheus. He agreed, and appreciated my excuse since the class was Greek mythology.

  3. puella33

    I do dream, but sometimes i forget. Sometimes I want to return to the dream to see what happens. Other dreams are distorted, others are terrible. Sometimes I don’t dream at all. Have a nice Sunday, Ann

    • I’ve wanted to return to dreams to see what happens, but that has never yet happened for me. Thank you for another nice comment.

  4. I dream and have a long standing dream that I keep returning to and expanding. My dream at the moment is of those ferrero rochers!

  5. Debbie T

    You know you’re a therapist when a dream includes a scene where everyone was required to “say something that authentically captured and reflected your interactions with them during the evening.” I have many odd dreams but that scene has never appeared in any of them.

  6. Yes I do dream all the time, I rarerly remember my dreams and I often dream of relatives who have passed

  7. I had some political dreams last night, too, but just woke up thinking they were weird. My dreams are often helpful though, in decoding something going on with me.

  8. I know we all dream, but I don’t remember many. One repeated one from childhood involved me taking off from the top of the stairs and landing on my feet. Apparently my Mum had been pretending to throw me down the stairs, slipped and let go, injuring herself; the toddler I was did in fact land on his feet.

  9. I rarely remember dreams anymore (used to remember them all, but had a bad interaction between two prescription drugs a few decades ago that affected my visual memory) but a bit of one from last night sticks with me: there were thousands of white mice in the house, and underfoot. I like mice but these gave me the creeps. My dreams always have a metaphor in them, but I can’t figure out what this one is. Any ideas?

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