Day 2573: I’m more of a ____ kinda girl

I wonder if my readers know what kinda girl I am.

I’m a chocolate-loving kinda girl.


I’m the kind of girl who likes passion, dance,  excitement, fun, and surprises.



I’m the kind of girl who appreciates warmest wishes.



I’m the kind of girl who writes helpful phrases on her white board at work.



I’m the kind of girl who has the Daily Bitch Calendar.


I try to be a kind kinda girl.

It’s kind of a drag that girls don’t get more respect, even in 2020.



What kind of a comment are you going to leave about this kind of post?

I’m more of an expressing-appreciation kinda girl, every day.




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24 thoughts on “Day 2573: I’m more of a ____ kinda girl

  1. I so appreciate your kind ways, Ann.

  2. …blogging…

  3. Who sees the world through bright lenses. And loves pasta.

  4. I need that calendar! And you’re the kind of girl I like to read:-)

  5. I’m more of a butterscotch kind of guy but looking at the descriptions of those chocolates reminds me how much I love languages and different ways of expressing things–“a green dot” seems prosaic compared to “d’un point vert” and yet both are fun to say.
    I’m also a guy who thinks it’s a drag that drag queens don’t get more respect.

  6. I’m a dark chocolate and red wine kinda girl.

  7. puella33

    Excuse the cliche, you’re like a box of chocolates kind- of girl , you embrace all flavors without judgement.. Have a nice day, Ann

  8. I am a shoeless, nice clothes and make up kinda gal

  9. A kinda sideline into music and Fanfare for the Common Man, all from a comment from an Uncommon Ann!

  10. I’m a Dancing kinda girl, anywhere there’s music-grocery store, gas station, somebody else’s music coming from their car-haha, so much fun!

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  12. I’m more of a Harley kinda girl.

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