Day 2565: Lost and Found

Six years ago, on Valentine’s Day, I wrote another “Lost and Found” post, “dedicated to my boyfriend/inamorato/whatever Michael.” I’ve lost the need to use those words to describe Michael since we found ourselves calling each other husband and wife on December 27, 2019.

Yesterday, I realized I had lost my wallet when I was at a doctor’s appointment. I immediately lost all focus on everything else. I found the memory of looking in my wallet to make sure I hadn’t lost the card I needed for the doctor’s visit while I was walking by Fenway Park (where the Boston Red Sox lost lots of games before they found themselves in the World Series).  I figured I lost the wallet soon after that.

I found the phone number of somebody I thought might be able to help me find what I’d lost. Here’s the phone conversation of me trying not to lose it:

Person Answering Phone: Hello?

Me: Hello!  I need to reach the Ipswich Garage.

P.A.P.: This is not the Ipswich Garage. This is the parking office.

Me: I know!  I need to talk to somebody at the Ipswich Garage. I’ve lost my wallet!

P.A.P.: You can’t call the garage.

Me: I need to contact them.  I think I dropped my wallet while I was walking to the garage.

P.A.P.  I can call the garage. What do you want me to tell them?

Me: Tell them I dropped my wallet. I think it’s near the statues outside of Fenway Park.

P.A.P.: If your wallet is not in the garage, they can’t help you.

Me (losing the ability to express myself in words): Arrrghhh!

P.A.P.  Give me your phone number.

Have you ever lost your wallet?  I was thinking about all the time lost in the future, cancelling credit cards, getting a new license, etc. etc.  I lost the ability to be in the present as the medical assistance tried to measure my blood pressure (she couldn’t).  When I walked into my doctor’s office, I told her I’d lost my wallet and wanted to leave to look for it. My doctor, whom I luckily found eleven years ago (and whom you can find posts about here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), found a lot of empathy for my situation and told me to go. At that moment, my cell phone rang.

Me: Hello?

P.A.P.: Hello. They found your wallet.

Me: I love you.

P.A.P.: Thank you.

Here’s the lost-and-found wallet:


That wallet is made out of recycled billboards and I’m so glad it was found. (If you click on the link in the previous sentence, you’ll find that the wallet was lost and found before.)

Here are all the other new photos I’ve found on my phone this morning:













I’m so glad I found

when “I” becomes “we,” “illness” becomes “wellness”

… which was posted on Facebook yesterday by a group therapist I love.

I’ve found a lot of tunes titled “Lost and Found” on YouTube. Here‘s one of them, by Jorja Smith:

I’m hoping to have found comments about this lost-and-found post in the near future.

No matter what I’ve lost and found over the years, it’s always been easy for me to find gratitude. Thanks to all who helped me find what I needed to create todays post, including YOU.


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30 thoughts on “Day 2565: Lost and Found

  1. Ann, a lost wallet would certainly upset the day and far into the future. Have you thought about purchasing a Tile, linking it to your phone, and attaching it to your wallet? It would allow you to locate a misplaced wallet via GPS. My dear wife Karen bought one for each of us for our keychains. (In the house, the keychain Tile will make a chirping sound when you push the app on the phone and your phone will ring if you push the button on the keychain Tile.)

  2. Glad the wallet was found.

  3. I lost my wallet on an underground train about 25 years ago. A woman living at the other end of the line found it, phoned me, and met me in central London to return it. I found renewed confidence in human nature.

  4. I found that I was pleased that your lost was found!

  5. I am relieved that your wallet was found and really enjoyed your conversation. Thanks for sharing it. Cool wallet!

  6. I’m glad you found Michael and that you’re finding new names for him even now, and also that you found your wallet. When I find something that nice I do as much as I can to get it back to its owner because I’m sure they want it. I’ve never lost my own wallet and I’d probably lose my mind if I did. I think I keep too much in it.

  7. I’m happy, that you found and got your wallet back, Ann.
    For more than 25 years ago, I lost my wallet in December, just before shopping for the Christmas. I didn’t loose it in same way, someone stole it from my deep pocket in my jacket in a supermarket. I didn’t get it back.

    • I’m happy we found each other, Irene, and I’m sad somebody stole your wallet. Somebody stole my wallet from a skating rink forty years ago and I still remember that.

      • Good that we still remember to think at the positive in life, Ann.
        I will not forget either, as I remember all the complications, then gave me back then.

  8. puella33

    Oh, Ann, What a terrible experience. Thank God you found your wallet. I hope everything was in it. I decided to leave just the essentials in my wallet, in case I lose it, And , I make photocopies of the licence, and credit cards and insurance cards. . I hope today is better for you.

  9. I can’t believe they found it! They looked and found it. That’s really great. I’m glad you got it back and that they helped you.

  10. Yes. Once it was on the ground next to my car and a stranger walking by found it before I realized I didn’t have it. He brought it to my door, handled it over, told me where he found it, and refused a reward. Incredible! (Everything was in it, including almost $100 cash.) I have no idea who he was, nor have I ever seen him again.

    Another time, I started the process of contacting my credit card companies to cancel cards, etc. Then I found it in a jacket I always wear. The jacket has numerous pockets inside and out, and I’d accidentally put it in an inside pocket, thinking I’d put it in a pocket on the outside. That little trick happens often enough that I now know to check inside and out when I can’t find it.

    Yet another time, same jacket…! I got out of my car, and the wallet slipped out of the pocket, landing in between the door sill and the driver’s seat. After I cancelled my credit cards and was on my way to get a replacement driver’s license, I noticed the wallet when I got in the car.

    I seem to have a problem keeping track of my wallet! One last time, I couldn’t find it in the house, so went out to my car and found it on the front passenger’s seat where I’d put it when digging through my jacket (same one as in the earlier situations…) for my checkbook earlier in the day.

    I’ve had similar situations with those banker envelopes you get cash in. You are the therapist. I seem to have problems holding onto cash and things of value! LOL!

  11. That heart-pounding adrenaline rush is all too familiar, Ann. One literally can’t think of anything else except the search and the resulting exercise of calling and cancellation if said search is futile. So glad you had a happy ending!

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  14. I can very easily feel the emotions that surged when you realized you had to take responsibility for finding your lost wallet, and I’m really impressed that you maintained enough presence of mind to think of calling the garage. I think in times like this I stress so quickly that my thought processes are “dumbed down” considerably! What a good outcome, though, and I’m so glad. I’ve been more aware lately of the many things that can happen in a week that completely pull me away from the moment and preoccupy, and slow me down. Here’s to a “clutter free” week, dear Ann.

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