Day 2563: Anxiety’s moments

Yesterday, many moments after creating Day 2562: Moments you dream about, I heard the 1970s Chicago tune, Anxiety’s Moment …

… which lasts only a few moments.

In the 1970s, I had several anxiety’s moments, including when I heard about Chicago’s wonderful singer-guitarist-songwriter Terry Kath‘s  untimely death from “an accidental gunshot wound to the head.”  That still causes anxiety’s moment when I think about it  in this moment.

In these very early moments of the 2020s, many people are already expressing lots of anxiety’s moments.  Are you one of them?

Do any of my photos from yesterday add to or relieve anxiety’s moment?















Please no lectures but please do take a moment to leave a comment about this anxiety’s moments post.

As always, I relieve anxiety’s moments by expressing my gratitude to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.


Moments after I published this post, I found this video on YouTube, which includes many amazing moments with Chicago and the Beach Boys:

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20 thoughts on “Day 2563: Anxiety’s moments

  1. My anxiety for $60 parking would be reaching for my wallet, Ann. Yikes!

  2. Yes, waiting for problems to solve themselves is extremely time-consuming! I like that quote. Have a day free of anxiety… a day of problem-solving – a day of creativity! May your 2020 be a year of perfect vision – Happy 20/20 to you!!

  3. Your beauties are really anxiety relieving, Ann 😀

  4. puella33

    I have a lot of anxiety. The kitten seems to be anxiety free and at peace with itself and the world. If cats could talk… I would learn their secret. I have one irrelevant question to this theme, so please excuse me, Ann. I see you have salmon on your dish- Is that fresh caught? I’ve been looking everywhere, and I’m told that it’s seasonal. Thank you and have a nice day, Ann 🙂

    • Harley actually is pretty anxious but he does have some anxiety free moments. The salmon was not fresh caught but was still delicious! Thank you for another nice comment.

  5. I always feel some anxiety about the passing of a creative person, or even just the passing of time. In 1965 Tom Lehrer said, “It’s a rather sobering thought that when Mozart was my age he’d been dead for two years.” Fifty-five years later Mozart is still dead, although we can take comfort in knowing Tom Lehrer is, at the moment, still alive.

    • I loved that Tom Lehrer quote the moment I first heard it, fifty-five years ago. I take comfort, every day, knowing you are still alive, Chris.

  6. The photo of Harley (handing out Please no Lectures buttons?) helps my anxiety

  7. Anxiety and me are close friends, but at times I wish we were not

  8. I came back to today’s post to listen to the Chicago song, which I couldn’t listen to this morning because other people were sleeping. And because I came back I saw the photo of the meal that your husband made for you — and I am inspired to make that for my husband and some of my kids tomorrow. It looks delicious!

  9. There is a lot going on in the world that creates heavy-duty anxiety, but I, like you, really try to focus on friends and family and finding joy in small things. Your posts help me feel connected to you in affirming ways, Ann, and for that, I’m so very grateful!

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