Day 2562: Moments you dream about

Because there are so many moments you nightmare about in today’s news, I choose to focus on moments you dream about in today’s blog post.


I snapped that photo during some dreamy moments food shopping last night with my husband Michael. Many moments later, Michael produced more food moments to dream about.


Earlier in the day, I had some moments to dream about …

  • planning a 50th high school reunion to dream about with Butch and Barton,


  • taking photos to dream about from Barton’s and Michael’s cell phones, and



  • distracting myself from possible future world nightmares with these other moments you dream about at our local supermarket.












Yay today (despite the clouds) for all the moments you dream about.

Here‘s “These Dreams” by Heart, with dreamy vocals, instruments, and other moments to dream about.

I dream about comments from you, so please take some moments to leave one, below.

I spent many moments yesterday look for expressions of gratitude to dream about, like these:




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25 thoughts on “Day 2562: Moments you dream about

  1. You put your dreams into action daily, Ann.

  2. One moment that no-one dreams about, when at school, is a 50th High School reunion!

  3. “My husband, Michael” – now there’s a dream sentence.

  4. Your beauties also look like dreaming, Ann 😀

  5. puella33

    Eating Rocher and Lindt Chocolates without gaining wait is a dream..Have a nice day, Ann

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….Lindt Chocolates!

  7. There’s so much that’s dreamy here, but on this particular day some words from one of Shakespeare’s plays seem most fitting.

    What relish is in this? how runs the stream?
    Or I am mad, or else this is a dream:
    Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep;
    If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep!

  8. What moments do I dr
    eam about??????????????
    I do not know……………
    Moments I have nightmares about?????????????
    Easy, going to the toilet that is in the open, no doors nothing, not even toilrt paper…………..

  9. There is certainly more than enough to preoccupy our minds with fear, but I think you’re so helpful to remind us that we can find many things to dream about! I am dreaming about finding a retreat center where I might spend a little time this spring. I have a 50th high school reunion this year…trying to decide if I will go or not. 🙂

  10. I have been having an unusual number of nightmares lately. Maybe I should cut back on reading the news. Alternatively, I could cut back on the junk food.

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  12. Those sand timers haha

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