Day 2558: I just called

I just called this post, in its first draft, “Just Another Ordinary Day,” which is a lyric from “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” by Stevie Wonder:

But when I heard that Stevie Wonder song in my earmuff/headphones yesterday, it was NOT just another ordinary day. It was New Year’s Day, which I just called extraordinary as I was reviewing the 2020 visions I captured yesterday:




























I just called a few of those photos extraordinary (including the ones with Oscar and the vacuum cleaner) and I’m wondering which photos you’d call out in a comment, below.

Also, I just called today another extraordinary day, because I get to

  • facilitate a Coping and Healing group at work,
  • start using the 2020 Daily Bitch Calendar,
  • see people and other creatures I love, and
  • have more of Michael’s incredible eggplant parmigiana (which he spent much of the day yesterday preparing, without sugar).

What would YOU just call today, even though it’s

  • no New Year’s Day to celebrate,
  • no chocolate candy hearts to give away,
  • no first of spring,
  • no April rain,
  • no wedding Saturday within the month of June,
  • no summer’s high,
  • no warm July,
  • no harvest moon to light one tender August night,
  • no autumn breeze,
  • no falling leaves,
  • not even time for birds to fly to Southern skies,
  • no Libra sun,
  • no Halloween, and
  • no giving thanks to all the Christmas joy you bring?

I just called it another day of gratitude  — for all who helped me create today’s blog post and (of course!) for you.


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21 thoughts on “Day 2558: I just called

  1. I think the wide decorated tree photo is my favorite today, Ann, but of course they are all extraordinary! Michael’s no-sugar-added eggplant dish sounds superb to me, for sure.

  2. I love the bare-branch decorated tree the most. love and light to you in the new year

  3. hope 2020 fills you with great inspiration, amen

  4. I love the anchor on the rock. Is that a sliver of moon in the upper right hand corner? No added sugar is a great bit of advice but yesterday I baked a cake, something I haven’t done in eons. I’ll start as soon as the cake is gone. Maybe I can entice my daughter to come over and have some with a nice cup of tea.

  5. No matter how little sugar you eat from now on, Ann, I hope your life with Michael is sweet

  6. I noticed this very high birdhouse, secured against cats, I think 😀

  7. puella33

    I liked the pictures with the sunset and the one of the garden in the boat.

  8. I would call this another day when anything could happen, and I’m going to focus on what can and is happening rather than what’s not, especially with events that are out of this world.

  9. I tried to come up with a clever way to refer to your wonderful meals within the “ordinary day” theme, but I just couldn’t. You’ve married a wonderful cook, and I think the meals, and the cook himself, are quite extraordinary.

    I also love the photos with the sunset over the water. 🙂

  10. You just called?????????????
    Sorry didn’t hear ya………………
    Maybe it’s because I am hard or hearing

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