Day 2549: Changing the narrative

Yesterday, when I was visiting Right Turn, “an innovative substance use disorder program that makes use of both evidence-based treatment and creative expression” (which I wrote a narrative about in a previous blog post here), I saw this:


That’s what effective, committed, and passionate healers and interventionists like Woody Geismann  do — they facilitate people changing the narrative of their life stories for the better. Woody has a lot of experience changing the narrative of his own life —  from the drummer of the Boston rock band the Del Fuegos to the founder of Right Turn and also from somebody who had a serious brain aneurysm in 2016 to a person who learned how to walk and talk again.

Do you see evidence of people changing the narrative in these photos?























That’s Cynthia  (who as the new CEO of Right Turn is changing the narrative of the program while also preserving and expanding its power) sitting under a painting done by Woody, who changes narratives through music AND art. Cynthia and I had a great talk about how we’ve been changing the narratives of ourselves and others through different careers and through our experiences with different people.

Woody also changed my narrative of the Rolling Stones by telling me this story about them:

Ronnie and Keith were asked which of them was the better guitarist.  Ronnie said, “Of course, it’s me!”   Keith said, “Neither of us are particularly good guitarists, but together we create something special.”  Keith is a very wise person.

I’m probably changing the narrative of Woody’s wonderful story, because I didn’t write down his exact words.

Now I’m changing the narrative of this post by sharing my other photos from yesterday:









Oscar is changing the narrative of who is interested in latkes on Chanukah.

Here’s today’s final example of changing the narrative:


Michael (who makes latkes that are almost as fabulous as my late mother‘s) and I will be changing the narrative of our lives when we get married this Friday.

There are lots of videos about “Changing the Narrative” on YouTube. Here‘s one of them:

That Canadian Beekeeper is changing the narrative by asking for help and support, which we all need to survive.

I like changing the narrative through music,  so here is Eliza singing about changing the narrative in “Burn” from the musical Hamilton.


Now, you have the option of changing the narrative of this post by leaving a comment, below.

I’m not changing how I end every narrative in this blog. As always, I end with gratitude to all who helped me share all the narratives in today’s post and — of course! — to you, you, you.




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16 thoughts on “Day 2549: Changing the narrative

  1. One message: To take the right turn, remember that there is so much valuable left, Ann.

  2. Life is all about the story- the ones we tell ourselves, as well as the ones we hear

  3. I think this post is just perfect and does not need anything added or changed.

  4. Through most of my education I was taught all stories were like Aesop’s fables, with a single clear message. My first college literature course changed that with the idea that multiple interpretations are possible, not just of books but life too.
    I hope you, Michael, and Aaron are enjoying Chanukah, and I’m very interested in those latkes too, but that’s another story.

  5. What a beautiful and optimistic post!
    “Happy birthday and will you marry me?” Is likely the best card enclosure that florist has ever delivered.

  6. puella33

    Hi, Ann, Woody is a hero. I wonder if you could sponsor him for the CNN Hero Awards… For me it’s you, because i look forward every day to reading your blog.. and because you and Gerard have helped me so much.. I’d love to learn how to make those latkes. Happy Holidays to everyone 🙂

  7. You’re getting married? That’s wonderful! Congrats!!! Wishing you and yours a fabulous Christmas!

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