Day 2546: Celebrating with you!

For the past seven years, I’ve celebrated many things with you, including

Now, I’m celebrating my upcoming marriage to Michael with you!


That celebratory card is from my thoughtful and celebrated co-workers, who celebrated with me yesterday by giving me these cupcakes.



I am celebrating with you that cupcake ring, which I might need on Friday since one of the his-and-hers wedding rings we ordered online IS the wrong size, just as I feared.  I like celebrating  mistakes, but some mistakes can be a shock to the system. If I get the wedding ring resized quickly, I’ll certainly be celebrating that with you!

As usual, I’m celebrating with you many moments from yesterday:














Celebrate good times …come on!

Thousands of people are celebrating with each other on YouTube in the comments for that video, including:

  • celebrating because my mother has now been declared as cancer free
  • When your crush asks you out
  • Passing my exams that I didn’t study for brought me here
  • When you write one word for your 200 letter essay
  • When the weekend comes along
  • I was inspired to listen to this song because I saved my neighbor’s cat
  • Celebrating because my brother got accepted into college
  • When they are giving out free food
  • When you successfully make up a “when” joke
  • I finished the dishes. I freakin finished the DISHES!!

Please share what YOU are celebrating with us, in a comment below.

As always, grateful to be celebrating with you,




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28 thoughts on “Day 2546: Celebrating with you!

  1. And I am celebrating your big celebration!!!!!!!

  2. Sad experience with the rings, Ann.
    I will be celebrating with you, when you create a post after your wedding.

  3. It’s a remarkable thing to live in a world where people can meet, talk, and even become friends without ever meeting in person, and it’s great to be able to celebrate with so many—especially you and Michael!

  4. You have a whole online cast of characters supporting the big event for you and Michael, Ann, and that makes for a wonderful celebration for all of us!

  5. I’m celebrating your celebrations and am really happy for you both!

  6. I really love the way that you share your celebrations and joy with co-workers, friends and us. As an introvert, I have never had celebratory cupcakes where I was the centre of attention, but sometimes I make cake for somebody’s birthday (and hang around in the background). I am really enjoying reading about your good fortune and I think your plastic ring makes a good story.

  7. Congratulations! You have a group celebration here and an in-person celebration and all of us are happy as can be.

  8. Congratulations Ann and Michael!!! I am celebrating YOU today!

  9. puella33

    I’m celebrating your joy, and the kindness of all your friends here on this blog.-there should be a reunion were we could all meet in person.- that would be extra ordinary! Don’t let the ring size get in the way- nothing can interfere on this big event. Will you be changing your surname, Ann?

  10. Many of us are super happy for you, those who are not are big nobodies and don’t count

  11. Thanks Ann and congratulations, I wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!🎄🎄🎄🎅

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