Day 2541: Cares

Even though I’ve rarely used the word “therapy” in a blog title, I’ve often used the word “care” (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

Does that mean I care too much? Or have too many cares? I’m not sure, but I do care to tell you that I just woke up from a dream where I said the word “kill” (as in “Did that make you want to kill them?”) which was overheard by somebody I knew, who then dropped to the floor  in obvious emotional pain and crawled laboriously away (like a snake) down a hallway,  as her husband told me not to care about her reaction. He said, “This happens and she’s just going somewhere to pull herself together.”

I care what you make of that dream.

Care occurs twice in my photos from yesterday. Do you care to see them?


















Do you care that I put little “easter eggs” in this blog for my caring fiancé, Michael, who sometimes reads this blog?  For example, this …


… is a reference to our first exchange over the internet, almost ten years ago, when we discussed our shared dislike for beets.  And yesterday’s video stars somebody singing “meow, meow, meow” for lyrics, which Michael does a lot, including here:

What do YOU care about, here and now?

I care about getting to work on time, so I’ll quickly end this post with care.



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19 thoughts on “Day 2541: Cares

  1. You care for your cats and your people so very well, Ann.

  2. I care about daily posting on WordPress and reading the inspirational posts my friends present. I care about daily prayer time, reading my devotionals, and Bible Study. I care about being unconditionally loving as I reach out to others via my “Loving One Another” blog and via e-mails and messages, and via face-to-face time with loved ones. I care about friends. I care about my health. I care about you. Thanks for being one of the WP friends who fuels my day. I care that you get to work on time! Did you?

  3. I care to come here and find all about the many people and things you care so beautifully about.

    And I care that the word ‘fiance’ brings such delight — and will soon be ‘husband’! Woo Hoo! I care that you love being married in your 60s as much as I do! ❤

  4. Care is a much overused word – as in “We care about your custom…..”

    • Servers in restaurants here say, “My name is ____ and I’ll be taking care of you.” I don’t really care for that, but I do care about you, Derrick!

  5. I like beets but I don’t care if other people don’t like them. When I say I don’t like raw tomatoes some people care a lot and tell me I’ve just never had the right kind of tomato, or that there must be something wrong with me. Some people care a little too much about what I see as simple individual differences. Jimmy cracking corn, however, should have been cause for concern.

  6. puella33

    Hi,Ann, you had another strange dream- care shows in the way you blog. So You care for us, ironically I suppose, we are your therapy as much as you are ours. .Obviously, i can tell you care for your cat, and are very appreciative people and things in your life. Have a nice day, Ann. 🙂

  7. Who care’s????????????
    I care, just saying

  8. Did Oscar have surgery? I hope he is okay. I am sure he receives good care.

  9. That’s quite a detailed and unusual dream, Ann. Interesting that the woman in emotional pain had to slither off by herself to address her personal needs. Did her husbands care? I think I will have to leave this one to the professional! 😉

    • My interpretation of the dream is that I feel bad when I’ve hurt somebody with what I’ve said, even accidentally. Also, I noticed that one of the pictures I took yesterday was of a toy that “moves like a real snake” so I’m wondering if that influenced the dream. In the dream, the husband did seem to care about relieving my guilt as well as helping his wife. In real life, that woman does not have a husband. Maybe a professional could explain what THAT means.

      I seem to be working out a lot of feelings in dreams lately. Thanks for caring enough to comment, my friend!

      • You have a lot on your mind, I’m sure! Sucha special time for you and Michael. Dreams are so fascinating and I really don’t remember mine too often. When I do, I post attention as it’s rare! ❤️

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