Day 2540: Therapy

Since I practice group therapy and individual therapy, I must have created many other “Therapy” posts, right?

What attracts my attention now is this:  the only other post I’ve published with “therapy” in the title is Day 430: What I learned at the group therapy conferenceand that is one of my shortest posts, ever.

So why this therapy post, today?


That’s a sign I saw yesterday at Designer’s Circus in Boston. At Designer’s Circus, I found Therapy and Joy.


That’s Joy, who was one of the many people at Designer’s Circus who heard that I was there to shop for a dress for my December 27 City Hall Wedding and who wanted to be involved in the process.


That’s Kathleen, one of the owners of Designer’s Circus, who helped me find two great dresses. Spending time with her and the other wonderful people I met at Designer’s Circus was definitely therapy for me.

After retail therapy at Designer’s Circus, I got more therapy at the annual glass sale at Almost Perfect Glass in Cambridge, Massachusetts because I spent therapeutic time with my good friend Deb, seen here at last year’s sale.

Wherever I look, I find therapy. Can you find therapy in my other photos from yesterday?




























If you want pizza therapy, go to Santarpio’s in Boston, which makes the best pizza I’ve ever had.

How about some music therapy?

Because I especially love group therapy, I wonder how my group of readers will respond to this post.

Gratitude is great therapy for all of us, so thank you!


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33 thoughts on “Day 2540: Therapy

  1. I agree with you Ann about gratitude, thanks for sharing this post. Have a nice week!!!

  2. Have a great upcoming week, and stay warm.

  3. My dear wife Karen and I are thrilled to hear the Dec. 27 date for the City Hall wedding for you and Michael, wonderful friend Ann!

  4. I’m so happy to hear that things are coming along for your December 27th wedding, and that you’re not in a pickle in spite of being under a pretty big pickle.
    Seeing all that glass reminds me of a friend from childhood with whom I reconnected through Facebook. He had a rough time growing up but he’s now a professional glass blower, and he said the first time he saw the process he knew it’s what he wanted to do. Making glass is therapeutic for him and for others buying what he makes is therapeutic, which is a good reminder that there are all kinds of therapy for everybody.

  5. It’s always great therapy reading your posts Ann, and thank you!

  6. Oh, Ann! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love your outfit-shopping therapy story!

    Why do you have a piece of fabric art depicting Yehuda/ Judah/ יהודה ? Is that related to your wedding?

    That black bracelet would go beautifully with that black jacket with the satin collar, I think.

    The candies in the heart bowl would go well with them both.


    • Thank you for your always therapeutic and lovely comments, Maureen. That beautiful piece of fabric hangs in the home of my good friend Deb, who gave me the black bracelet. It’s wonderful to have sweet friends like you and Deb. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Therapy???????????????
    I have had different forms of therapy over the years none of it has been helpful, just says

  8. puella33

    it’s always therapeutic to read and participate in your blog.

  9. I’m grateful for pictures of gigantic tree pickles and little old dogs resting on leather couches. It would be therapy for me to sit with that dog. That glass factory would be therapeutic, too. I am so glad you had a good experience dress shopping and can’t wait to see it on you.

  10. I join others in being just thrilled to see December 27 is the special day. I am not always first in line for retail therapy but I’m always ready to support a special occasion! ❤️

  11. I like the glass sequence beginning with the stained glass fish.

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  13. I am surrounded by parrots from all over the world right now,in the company of a new Canadian from Africa who does not like winter. I call this parrot therapy.

  14. Thanks, Ann. The next time I’m visiting my daughter in Boston and get in a pickle (which I usually do), I know where to go for therapy. And thanks for sharing your wedding planning. It’s exciting.

  15. Debbie T

    I know Ken the glass blower! He lived next door to me from the time I moved into our house until 3 years ago. Then the house went through extensive renovations over several years (!), and the new neighbors just moved in last week.

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